What is an Emotion? What is a Feeling? Use Energy to Know Truth

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Research Your Emotions.

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
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What is an emotion? What is a feeling?

The misinformation about emotional energy is abundant online. Many websites do not know the difference between a depressed mental state and a true emotion, like sadness. Because of this confusion, medical practitioners quickly give you medication to avoid the natural grief process. The natural grief process is essential for your mental health.

Unfortunately, I have also found incorrect information about emotional energy in research studies conducted by academic people for decades. Researchers do not know the difference, even though psychologist’s studies prove otherwise, that a conditioned response like guilt is learned. Guilt is not an emotion. Guilt is a conditioned response, often used to control you. When you feel guilty do you please others and create resentment? 

Emotions are not learned, they are innate. Yet, positive psychologists tell you that joy is a mind set. All you have to do is choose to be happy. Joy is not a mind set. Joy is an emotion. Emotions are physical. They are real, honest to goddess, energy in motion. Emotions are not rigid and still, they move as soon as you allow yourself to feel them. Research your own emotions and fall in love with your emotional self.

Your emotions have a “mind” of their own. You do not get to choose what you feel. You only get to choose whether or not to feel what is real. What you feel will be based on reality. When you are not in touch with reality, you become anxious. The more you avoid your emotions, the more anxious you become because your emotions are real.

Instead of trying to control your emotions and force them to behave as you want, let their colorful energy take you on exciting journeys into physical and metaphysical realities. Open your solar plexus and heart so you can experience the earth adventures your soul longs for. Allow yourself to experience the emotional energies on planet earth so you can relax and enjoy more vibrant moments.

All emotions are colorful. All colors are equal. All emotions are equal. All emotions are healthy. All colors and emotions are necessary for mental health and well-being. Your emotions operate on the laws of physics.

When you face your real fear of emotional energy, the natural process of transformation automatically takes you to freedom and joy. All you have to do is stop trying to control the outcome. The second hour of “Opening the Heart” is called, “Fear. The pathway to freedom and joy.” Your real fear keeps you safe and sets you free.


RESEARCH YOUR EMOTIONS: Know the truth by learning how to feel the energy difference between your emotions and your learned, conditioned behavior. The Opening the Heart audio teaches you how to recognize these difference energies in the first half hour. Say no to guilt, judgments and mental states. Say yes to your authentic emotions, which lead you to your heart, body and soul energy. When you love your emotional self, vibrant moments are common experiences and bring you great joy, even in your sorrow. Experience heaven on earth as your soul longs to do in everyday life.

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How to Stop Addictive Behaviors


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Have fun!
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher
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After studying the psychological dynamics causing addictive behavior
since 1976, I suspect that the root cause has been found. If you want
to lose weight, stop impulsive buying, no longer need legal or
illegal drugs, the solution is to have more fun. Yes, it appears that
people become addicted to “treating” themselves to unhealthy
behaviors because they are not allowing themselves to experience
enough pleasure in everyday life.

Wow, isn’t that wonderful? How delightful it is to give yourself
permission to add more genuine fun and pleasure to each day so that
you do not need to sneak your fun and pleasure in the back door. When
you feel deprived because your Inner Critic is making you wrong for
not working all the time, you become addicted to unhealthy things,
like food, drugs and gambling. Sex addiction would also be included
because sex addicts do not really enjoy the fantastic pleasure that
true lovemaking gives your whole body and soul.

So, my dear readers, please make sure you give yourself enough fun
and pleasure each day. Your emotional self needs fun; your body needs
pleasure. Create a holistic healthy practice each morning before you
get out of bed. Check in with what your emotional self and body need
to make you happy and satisfied.

If you do not have a loving relationship with your emotional self,
the Opening the Heart audio series is an effective guide. If you do
not have a loving relationship with your body, the Overcome Anxiety
Naturally home study course guides you into a physical reality that
reduces anxiety and depression.


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The challenge of our species.” Practice sensing your true colorful
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energy. This knowledge is also very helpful in getting along with
other people. Three hours of audio on feelings, fear and hurt. Recorded
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How to Open Your Heart and Let Love in


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Receive Love.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher


Love energy exists outside of you in many forms. Consider the
possibility that you are actively blocking this sweet nectar so it
does not penetrate your heart. How much love do you allow into your
heart? Probably not nearly as much as you could. Could it be that
your ego is stopping you from receiving love?

One of my large social networks is a center city, Philadelphia
outdoor olympic size pool club where I have been a member since 1980.
Being half a block from my home, I go and come all day long. I enjoy
coffee in the morning, a swim in the afternoon and dinner looking out
over the cityscape. Due to the pandemic, The Lombard Swim Club was
not able to open last year.

Five hundred of us own the club and it is a heart-warming story of
how the community saved this precious outdoor space from being
developed into townhouses. As we cautiously gather this year, my
socks keep getting knocked off at how much love energy is coming
toward me. I feel like a bag of bones, withered and weak. Like I have
aged a decade. Curiously, the comments from others do not match my
perception. As I creeped across the pool deck yesterday with lower
back pain, a new member that I do not even know said, “You look
fantastic!” Gee, what is going on?

People are seeing something that I do not feel. Could I be projecting
my judgment of myself onto others and not even know it? Probably.
Always allow yourself to notice and question your perception. If you do,
you become more grounded and realistic. It is often the case, that
others are more loving of you than you are of yourself. So, it pays to be
present enough with yourself and others to experience what is really
going on in physical and emotional reality. This is the reason it is so
important to be able to read body language.

When we only listen to the thoughts in our head, it is easy to forget
that reality is full of love. My Judgmental Self does not receive love
from others. Or give it to others! My True Self takes in it and keeps
it forever in my heart. My True Self freely gives love as a way of life.
Open your heart and allow love to come and go without your Ego
acting as the suspicious guard.

It feels wonderful to feel loved and to know that you are loved. You
deserve this feeling often. Love is knocking on your door. Open your
heart and let it in. To open your heart learn to recognize your Ego
when it is getting in your way.


A GUIDE TO OPEN YOUR HEART: Learn to recognize your Ego when it
shuts your heart. The Opening the Heart audio series teaches you the
energy difference between your True Self and your Egos. Once you
know the difference, you heal your emotional wounds by choosing self-
acceptance in stead of self- judgment. Your heart receives and gives
love with confidence after you heal your emotional wounds from the
past. Three hours of audio on Feelings, Fear and Hurt.
Money-back guarantee. $97.00

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How to Enjoy Life and Say Goodbye to Your Ego

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be True to Yourself.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Thanks for the wise comments and questions about the psychology article on ambivalence. Catch it here if you missed it: https://thevibrantmoment.com/2016/06/17/how-to-make-good-decisions

A reader wants me to go deeper into the ambivalence state of mind for more personal growth help:

“I think it would be helpful to speak on the reason behind the ambivalence, because that is what is so frustrating.”

Indeed, you are correct. The reason behind your ambivalence is the conflict between your ego and your authentic self. You do not know what you really need and want because you are conditioned and controlled so successfully that you only know what you “should do” and “should not do.” You are not able to find and fearlessly follow your authentic self.

Instead, you are listening to your brain tell you the shoulds and should nots of the situation. To break free from your conditioning, you need to become aware of this everyday struggle between your ego energy and your authentic self energy. This is the major work of all personal growth and transformation. To be happy and satisfied you must not allow your ego to win these frequent conflicts that put you in the ambivalence state of mind. Or in the lose-lose state of mind which is another favorite of the Almighty, Reigning Ego.

The goal is to move away from your conditioned self and move toward a reality state that is free, responsible, and joyful. When you are in reality is when you automatically have a vibrant moment or two. When you are in the moment, you have successfully traveled the long distance from your controlling brain into your loving heart.

You are letting go of your brainwashing and literally dropping down into your heart so you access your authentic self. Your authentic emotional self has been wounded. This is the reason you have trouble finding, accepting, and following your little girl or boy into bliss. You are rejecting yourself because you learned to reject your true self. You were never good enough. Thus, as an adult you are afraid to listen to yourself because when you do, you experience a great deal of anxiety about doing so.

To win your everyday battles between your ego and authentic self, you must reduce your anxiety, slowly, step by step as you live your life. The home study course, Overcome Anxiety Naturally leads you successfully through this reconditioning process. You must learn how to listen to your authentic fear from your emotional self and not listen to your irrational anxiety from your brain, your conditioned self.

Take the time to learn how to successfully reduce your anxiety and you will be healthier and happier. Good mental health is directly related to knowing what you really need and want and being able to manifest your desires and needs without letting your ego ruin your life.

Several readers also want to know how to deal with the unpleasant ambivalence that occurs in relationships. Oy vey! Relationships are a hard, complicated issue. However, we will take a shot at helping you with relationship ambivalence for the month of August.

In the mean time read the free psychology articles in the holistic psychology library at http://www.drjeanette.com/ to help you find your strengths and be at peace — no matter what!


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How to Overcome Anxiety to Get Your Moment Back

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Do Nothing Often.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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For over a decade this flyer took center stage on my refrigerator. It was given to me by one of my students at the Internal Women’s Writing Guild at Skidmore College where I taught body awareness classes outside on the Quad for 14 years. She knew I would love it.

“How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.”
Spanish Proverb

To one who seeks to enjoy life, this proverb needs to be taken to heart. I am in Mexico right now, alone, doing nothing. Resting. And doing nothing. I came here to snorkel but I find that the real reason I am here is that I need to reconnect with doing nothing and resting.

Often during the course of your life you need to relearn lessons you have learned before. It is so easy to get catch up in “doing” that your body has to give you a loud shout out to give you the message that you need to let go and be.

Being is the healthiest state you can live in. Psychological research says being in the present gives you the most happiness. Being is the only place where vibrant moments spontaneously occur. To reach a being state you must relax, receive, and replenish. This used to be a title of one of my speeches. Remember the 3 R’s.

Bad weather is often a gift because it helps you slow down and spend the day inside doing nothing. As I enjoy a Mexican thunderstorm from my beachfront villa I have time to learn how important it is for me to do nothing and rest afterwards.

Try it and see what happens to you. If your Puritan Ethics and “shoulds” get in the way, you could learn to relax by overcoming that Inner Critic of yours. Relaxing your body is the only way you can receive the precious energy of life into your cells and body to replenish much needed areas.

If you succeed in relaxing, you know immediately because you have more energy. You are excited and ready to do something you love!


OVERCOME YOUR INNER CRITIC! To enjoy the many benefits of relaxing, including better mental and physical health, you must learn to get past your Inner Critic. Getting past your inhibitions is successful only when you become more aware of your body and let it lead the way. Your body adds the strength and security you need that your brain does not have. Step by step, learn to relax and take better care of yourself. Ten written lessons show you how to be effective taming your thoughts plus five hours of audio including the three-hour Opening the Heart series adds the emotional depth needed to make sure you are the victor. $199.97, money-back guarantee.


INTERESTED IN TAKING A DO NOTHING TRIP WITH ME? If so, email me to let me know. I love snorkeling so it must be part of the trip. That means a blue water location.


If you want to experience more emotional and body awareness and do not have local workshops available please email me. I will consider doing a workshop in your area if it is a fun place to visit and if you are able to gather ten people together for the workshop.


How to Know Pick the Best Candidate by Reading Body Language

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Read Body Language.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Well, researchers are catching on to the importance of your body. Wow! You really need one after all. No matter how spiritual or smart you are, you just cannot make it in life on planet earth without — a body.

The New York Times reports, “To Better Cope With Stress, Listen to Your Body … To handle adversity more effectively, we should probably pay closer attention to what is happening inside our bodies, according to a fascinating new brain study.”

For decades, I have been teaching that when your brain is not properly connected with your body you are in deep trouble. Mental illness, in varing degrees, is the result. If you want to be safe and sane, never let your brain override your senses.

Dr. Martin Paulus, the senior author of the new study said, “resilience is largely about body awareness and not rational thinking. Even smart people, if they don’t listen to their body, might not bounce back as quickly from adversity as someone who is more attuned to his or her physiology.”

When your awareness is in your body and your body is grounded into the earth you do not experience anxiety or depression. This is a physical fact.  The reason my home study courses, classes, and workshops are so effective in reducing anxiety is because they teach you how to put your awareness in your body.

First, you need to learn how to read your body. You need to know what is really happening inside of you. What is your body asking for? When your awareness enters your body you enter reality. Think of your body as an accurate thermometer that registers the temperature of its surroundings.

Body awareness is empowering. When you are aware of your body you are exponentially more self-confident. As you learn to read your body, you also begin to read other people’s bodies. When you are aware of other people’s bodies you make better decisions in every area of your life.

For example, if you could read body language you would pick the best candidate for every public office. I pray that citizens of the United States will learn how to read body language. Take a look at the current people running for president. Notice his and her body language. Really, really look at their whole body and observe how they move through space.

Sometimes they are more comfortable and vulnerable than others. This is natural and normal. Keep looking at what their body tells you about how much they blame others. How grounded are they? Notice if they have the ability to protect you and keep you safe. Their body cannot lie but their words do.

Have fun learning to read your body language and others. Your mental health depends on how much you honor your body. Pay attention to it, listen to it, and give your body the love it needs for good mental health.


GET IN YOUR BODY! Jump out of your thoughts into your body in the first lesson and feel the difference. Being in your body is a new way of being alive. Not since you were a little one did you enjoy such body awareness. Each lesson continues in small steps toward a more conscious body experience. Take, and retake, this home study course, Overcome Anxiety Naturally, to reach more and more body awareness. Ten written lessons and five hours of relaxing, comforting audio about emotions and energy. $199.97, money-back guarantee.

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The Definition of Ego by a Holistic Psychologist

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Get to Know Your Ego.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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What is this “identity” I call ego? The current definition of ego has evolved since Freud first labeled the ego, super ego, and id. Since then, years of scientific research have successfully explained the details of how we learn and unlearn behaviors, thoughts, and ideas.

As a result, the true nature of the ego is becoming clearer and more obvious. There is a huge difference in who you are and what you learned. Psychologists cannot help you change who you are, we can help you unlearn things you learned that are not helpful to you.

Thus, your ego is the part of you that you learned; it is not your innate self. Of course, you learned millions of helpful things from your parents as well as quite a few unhelpful things. Therein lies the reason you must examine what you have learned in your conscious mind so you can make sound decisions about what you want to unlearn.

As a holistic psychologist, I do not like psychiatrist labels and psychobabble. Therefore, I define the ego in terms of energy. You can learn how to feel, sense, and know the different energies and how they feel in your body. This knowledge, if used, can put the real you in the driver’s seat, replacing your ego.

Your ego is that wall of dense energy you can feel around you from time to time when you feel misunderstood and alone. This wall is located around your authentic, flowing self and is trying to protect you from outside hurts and pain. You created this persona. It is composed of learned behaviors, automatic reactions, conditioned responses, and false beliefs that control and define your “reality.”

When you are in your ego you are not directly experiencing reality. When you do not directly experience reality, you are defensive, rigid, weak, flat, isolated, anxious, helpless, and ineffective. Even the best crafted egos, which we can call your Mr. or Ms. Perfect are weak and make you sickly.

If you want to achieve holistic health, you must separate from your ego which is composed of dense, stagnant, dark, heavy energy and choose to live in your authentic self, which is composed of strong, loving, effective, and vital energy. The choice you make is, truly — a matter of life and death.

Practice sensing your own ego and name it so you can tame it. My Dr. Tight-ass is not a warm, fuzzy lover of humanity. Your Ms. Never Satisfied is not either!


FEEL YOUR EGO VS. YOURSELF: Learn how to feel your controlling ego in your body so you effectively unlearn all that brainwashing stuff that makes you feel bad all over. The first half hour of the Opening the Heart audio series explains the energy difference in your ego vs. your authentic self so you get the hang of how your ego feels. Three hours of comforting, relaxing audio on feelings, fear, and hurt for $97.00, money-back guarantee.

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How to Improve Your Mental Health with Mind Body Therapy

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Words affect matter.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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We are rethinking the way psychologists use the word judgment and honoring the power of words.

A psychological study revealed that a shocking 90% of the thoughts in university student’s heads were attacking words against themselves. Just imagine if you do not already know, how many attacking thoughts live in your head!

Just as a beginning therapist must learn to listen to the words their clients say, you need to learn to listen to the words you say so you know where you are stuck. Your attacking thoughts are one of the primary factors that generate the static energy that becomes anxiety in your nervous system.

A Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, did hundreds of experiments where he photographed the damaging physical effects that nasty, mean words have on water and the beautiful effects that loving, kind words have on water. What do your words do to your nervous system and body?

Words are not magical, they affect matter because of the energy in, of, and around the words. Take this to heart, the words you say to yourself and others dramatically affects your matter and the matter around you.

To be happy and healthy, you need to be conscious of the words you think and say. The words you use can be against you or for you. If judgment is not the correct word to use for negative “shoulds” and “should nots,” what do we call the self-righteous, high and mighty thoughts you learned from your parents, religions, and governments?

Your parents used certain words to shame you. Guilt-trip you. Inhibit you. Make you “do the right thing.” These words are in your head now and you say them to yourself. These words of right and wrong, good and bad, bundled together, over time, became false beliefs.

Such as:
Work is better than play.
Suffering is superior to pleasure.
Jews are better than gentiles.
Baptists are better than sinners.
Men are superior women.
Whites are better than blacks.
Adults are wiser than children.

Words change, just like people. The word judgment lost it’s “e” during the course of my long career. This happened while psychologists were discovering how to help clients stop their brutal, constant self-judgments that make them nervous, ineffective, and anxious.

New words come into the language and old ones leave. What word can we use to describe these inner nasty words you use against yourself that are unconscious until you make them conscious?

If judgment is not the correct word, maybe it is time for a new word. The Beatles called nasty words the “Blue Meanies.” Let me know what you think and feel.


WHAT YOU ARE THINKING? The people who already know the nasty words in their head are ahead of those still unconscious of this attacking energy, which makes you feel bad, anxious, and insecure. Become conscious of your thoughts so you get rid of all the nasty ones. The Overcome Anxiety Naturally home study course leads you into positive, self-talk so you move forward instead of staying stuck in negative self-talk. Ten written lessons, five hours of audio, $199.97, money-back guarantee.

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How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come True

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: You Can Do it.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Do you believe you can do what you want to do?
Do you know you have a right to live the life you desire?

There is no reason you cannot follow your heart and enjoy more vibrant moments. Even though the pathway to freedom and joy is full of real fears and irrational anxieties, never give up or think you cannot face your real fears and overcome your anxieties.

If your life is not what you want it to be, if your health is puny, if you feel deep sorrow, know there is hope. At any moment in time you can begin the process of transforming your dense, defensive energy into more love and light. You have the power to shift, change, transform, unlearn, and learn whenever you decide to take action.

The pathway to your goals is clear. You must stay true to yourself. As you move forward you will learn many new skills, behaviors, and habits that empower you and make you innately happy. The journey to self-actualization is fun, you do not have to wait until you get to the end of your life to enjoy yourself.

Here is a list of lessons learned in 2015 from a regular client who is willing to share her successes with you. She had a very hard year full of relationship, financial, and stage four cancer problems. Yet, she stayed true to herself and is now happier and healthier than she has ever been.

May her list inspire and motivate you to keep learning and growing. She said, “If I distilled my list down, it would pretty much be learning to love and care for myself.”

Lessons Learned in 2015

I am the most important being in my life.
I am very, very strong emotionally, physically, and energetically.
I have gifts and I can explore them at my own pace.
No one knows about me better than I know about myself.
Energy leaks are critical to fix.
My Higher Self is me. My Little Girls are me.
Align with authentic self, not ego.
We heal ourselves.
Reality is the only safe place.
Love is more powerful than anything; love makes everything alright.
I am not alone. Ever.
I am deeply loved.
I am brave.
I let go of so much and I am ok.
I face my biggest fears and walk through them.
I always get back home.
We have to choose to receive in order to receive.
We always have a choice.
My truth feels like goose bumps on the inside.
Greater compassion for self and others.
Only I can make myself happy. I can only make myself happy.
Feeling grateful makes every situation ok.
Look for the lesson. There is a lesson in everything.
I am living a bigger life and learning how to keep growing it.

Take some of her lessons and make them your lessons for 2016. Stay true to yourself and you will definitely move forward. Open your heart and send love to yourself and then to others.


FIND THE LOVE IN YOUR HEART: Feel better, love more, and be healthier when you learn how to feel your emotions and stay true to yourself. The Opening the Heart audio series is a three-hour comforting, relaxing guide that helps you find, accept, heal, and follow your emotional self to freedom and joy. $97.00, money-back guarantee.

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How to Feel Safe in an Unsafe World

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Reality.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Visit: http://www.drjeanette.com

Terror, anyone?

A reader who just listened to the Tame Your Thoughts audio asks a question, “The audio did help. I was recently overcome with a lot of paranoid thoughts, insomnia and was able to come out of the paranoia with medicine. But I don’t believe in taking medicine for the rest of my life. I think it usually gets brought on from a stressful social situation. Do you think it’s just heightened anxiety?”

Yes, you are experiencing heightened anxiety which is called terror. Most people walk around without being aware of what they feel. Instead, they defend against fear, anxiety, and terror so they do not have to feel the reality of fear, anxiety, and terror.

As a result, millions of people live in an illusion of safety. Meaning you think you are safe because you control yourself and reality but you are not really safe because you cannot control yourself and reality. Control creates an ego energy, which is weak and brittle. Your ego crumbles in a gentle breeze of reality because it is based on false beliefs.

When you do not feel your real feelings, you create mental illness, emotional distress, and physical disease. In the flesh terrorists are one of the many results. Inside all our raging terrorists is a young child who grew up not feeling his fear, anxiety, and terror. As a result, he acts out his feelings on the world stage like an actor.

What happens when terrorists terrorize the world in Paris? It can trigger your unconscious, inner terror. When any young child does not have a way to get in touch with reality and get rid of her false beliefs she can become paranoid.

A child trapped in heightened anxiety, without effective help, often leads to paranoia. Paranoia leads to bad decisions and unhealthy behaviors. You can see paranoia in action right now in some of the United States’ political leaders as they react to the events in Paris.

Does this make sense to you? Some real terror in the outside world probably triggered your unconscious, inner terror. Outside terror brought your inner feelings up to the surface so it was harder to keep your denied terror unconscious. This is a good thing. You want to be aware of your anxiety, fear, and terror.

The other good news is that you knew you were paranoid. Thank goodness. Paranoid thoughts are especially hard to deal with if you do not know you are paranoid. To get rid of paranoid thoughts, you must trust someone to help you correct your misperceptions.

Therefore, the antidote for paranoid is reality. Not only do you need to tame your thoughts. You need to get touch with your body feelings and emotional feelings and use this data to help you stay in reality where sanity exists.

Does this help you take the next step forward? Let me know.


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