What is Love?

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What is love?

Having spent a lifetime feeling love and pondering what true love
really is — here are my current conclusions.

To set the stage, let’s take a look at the Bigger Picture. The Greeks
experienced many different kinds of love:
Ludus, playful love
Agape, love for everyone
Philautia, love of the self
Philia, deep friendship
Eros, sexual passion

USA citizens rarely enjoy these different shades of love. Probably
because we were brainwashed by the Puritans. Puritans were not
loving. They killed the Native Americans Indians and shipped them
away so they could take away their land. Their greed and dishonesty
has yet to stop.

Scarlett letters and Puritan violence still sends shivers through
those of us who want to break free from our programming that White
and Male are superior. If we do not agree that everything that lives
on the planet is inferior to humans, we will be punished by God
forever and ever.

Therefore, your journey to true love must begin with a healthy dose
of de-programming. You must unlearn all the things you were taught to
hate about yourself and others. Once you have removed the thoughts,
words, and beliefs that you are inferior or superior, then and only
then, do you have a chance to feel true, genuine love.

Love is a natural, healthy, strong feeling that occurs in your heart
and body. Yelp, even though you have been taught that your body is
inferior to your brain and your emotions are inferior to your
thoughts. This is not true. Love is the strongest, most powerful
energy on the planet — by far!

Your body and emotions are equal to all the rest of you. Just like
the animals and plants are equal to humans. Humans are not mightier
than the rest of the cosmos. We are equal, and only when you feel
equal, to someone or something, do you feel love for it.

So, if you want more love, get to know your ego that thinks it is
inferior or superior. If you do not recognize the energy of your ego
when it shows up, study the Opening the Heart audio to learn how to
feel the difference in your true self and your ego. This is very
helpful information if you want to immediately improve your

To free yourself, you must say no to your ego and other’s ego. Once
you say no to your ego, then you need to find, love, and follow your
emotional self. She shows up as a little boy or girl inside of you.
Your emotional self has been hiding because you were taught to hate
this part of you. Your conditioning is the reason you experience your
true emotions as annoying and inconvenient, rather than precious and

Once you love your true self, you are automatically closer to others.
Your true self loves their true self. Being closer to others means you
feel love energy moving back and forth between you and others
frequently. Yummy.

To be healthy and happy you must be in the energy of love enough to
get the benefits of love. We all tumble out of love and have to get
ourselves back in love as we go through our adventures in life.
That’s ok, we are, after all — only human.

Love yourself when you make mistakes. Get out of your ego and carry


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