What is an Emotion? What is a Feeling? Use Energy to Know Truth

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Research Your Emotions.

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Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher
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What is an emotion? What is a feeling?

The misinformation about emotional energy is abundant online. Many websites do not know the difference between a depressed mental state and a true emotion, like sadness. Because of this confusion, medical practitioners quickly give you medication to avoid the natural grief process. The natural grief process is essential for your mental health.

Unfortunately, I have also found incorrect information about emotional energy in research studies conducted by academic people for decades. Researchers do not know the difference, even though psychologist’s studies prove otherwise, that a conditioned response like guilt is learned. Guilt is not an emotion. Guilt is a conditioned response, often used to control you. When you feel guilty do you please others and create resentment? 

Emotions are not learned, they are innate. Yet, positive psychologists tell you that joy is a mind set. All you have to do is choose to be happy. Joy is not a mind set. Joy is an emotion. Emotions are physical. They are real, honest to goddess, energy in motion. Emotions are not rigid and still, they move as soon as you allow yourself to feel them. Research your own emotions and fall in love with your emotional self.

Your emotions have a “mind” of their own. You do not get to choose what you feel. You only get to choose whether or not to feel what is real. What you feel will be based on reality. When you are not in touch with reality, you become anxious. The more you avoid your emotions, the more anxious you become because your emotions are real.

Instead of trying to control your emotions and force them to behave as you want, let their colorful energy take you on exciting journeys into physical and metaphysical realities. Open your solar plexus and heart so you can experience the earth adventures your soul longs for. Allow yourself to experience the emotional energies on planet earth so you can relax and enjoy more vibrant moments.

All emotions are colorful. All colors are equal. All emotions are equal. All emotions are healthy. All colors and emotions are necessary for mental health and well-being. Your emotions operate on the laws of physics.

When you face your real fear of emotional energy, the natural process of transformation automatically takes you to freedom and joy. All you have to do is stop trying to control the outcome. The second hour of “Opening the Heart” is called, “Fear. The pathway to freedom and joy.” Your real fear keeps you safe and sets you free.


RESEARCH YOUR EMOTIONS: Know the truth by learning how to feel the energy difference between your emotions and your learned, conditioned behavior. The Opening the Heart audio teaches you how to recognize these difference energies in the first half hour. Say no to guilt, judgments and mental states. Say yes to your authentic emotions, which lead you to your heart, body and soul energy. When you love your emotional self, vibrant moments are common experiences and bring you great joy, even in your sorrow. Experience heaven on earth as your soul longs to do in everyday life.

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