Learn to Read Body Language, Feel Subtle Energy

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Subtle Energy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Do colors jump out at you?
Do you smell odors others miss?
Do you know the outcome of events before it happens?

There are many differences between a holistic psychologist and a traditional psychologist. For a complete list of the differences between the old and new psychology check out the definition of the New Psychology here: http://www.drjeanette.com/newpsychology.html

One of the major differences is a holistic psychologist works with all of you. Working with all of you is what makes your psychological transformation and therapeutic process “wholistic.” This means your mind, body, and spirit are always included in how your problems are defined, addressed, and solved.

For example, if you already feel subtle energy, a holistic psychologist would teach you how to use your highly sensitive nature to move forward faster. If you did not trust your perceptions, I would teach you to feel the energy difference between your intuition and anxiety so you learn to trust and use your inner knowings to increase your self-esteem and be more successful.

After all, your intuition and inner knowing have not been damaged by your past learning history. So, no matter how much discouragement, neglect, and abuse you have experienced, you can learn to tap into your ability to sense, feel, taste, hear, see, and perceive the information and data that exists in your world.

Subtle energy means any energy that you do not normally notice. There are multitudes of inner and outer subtle energies you can become aware of and use to your advantage. Just sitting on a park bench with a completely relaxed body can expand your awareness of subtle energy if you pay attention to your feelings.

You can feel the tension in your body coming and going as you register your different anxiety levels as people come and go. You could feel and see the fear in others as they walk past you as you consciously improve your ability to read body language. You can even notice a harmful energy you need to get up and walk away from.

Being relaxed is essential if you want to sense more subtle energies. Like a good actor, you must relax your body in order to access your colorful emotions, your physical feelings, and the many other subtle realties that exist in your world.

Take time to relax wherever you are, and sense more of the subtle energy in your world. Relaxing gives you more vibrant moments, which lead to increased health and wellness, peace of mind, and good fortune.


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Mental Health Advice: Trust the Truth, Not False Beliefs



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Can’t you just feel the strong sunshine in Colorado?


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Trust the Truth.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Visit: http://www.drjeanette.com


Where are you stuck?
Can you tell the difference between false beliefs and truth?

Frequently, in holistic psychology sessions with my clients, I sense and feel a woman or man to be in a physical state of energy that is different from where he or she thinks they are. This is the reason it is so reliable and effective to use energy as the basis of the new, holistic psychology. The truth is easy to know when you learn to read and sense the information in physical and emotional energy.

For example, I hear a very harmonious male voice telling me that he is anxious and fearful and had a terrible week. His words do not fit his energy. His mental perception does not match up with his physical and emotional truth.

Or, I hear a woman tell me that she is doing great, everything is fine, and she sounds very depressed and miserable. Her mental perception has no basis in reality. Her energy is down and out, no matter what her thoughts are telling her, or what her words say to me.

In both these cases, the ego energy is reversing reality so the client does not know the truth. The man’s ego energy is telling him a false belief about his success in the hope of keeping him in control. The woman’s ego is telling her a false belief about her lack of success in the hope of keeping her in control.

You are full of false beliefs you learned from religions, governments, and parents. These false beliefs keep you stuck and controlled. You must know the difference between a false belief and the truth if you want to achieve self-esteem, be successful, and enjoy life.

You cannot stand in false beliefs and be successful. Only when you stand in reality can you manifest what you want in life. If you are a psychologist, coach, or therapist you need to know how to read energy so you teach your clients how to read energy. I teach my clients to read energy so they know when their ego is reversing reality and when they are standing in their truth.

Armed with this knowledge, they have the means with which they can become effective and successful. When you discover a reversal of reality that is fooling you, rejoice! You can learn how to break free from your false belief so you stand in your truth.

No matter what your truth is, you move forward immediately becoming stronger and more self-confident.


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When Life is Hard: Love Yourself, Stay with Emotions and Feelings

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Love Yourself.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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When life is hard and difficult, what do you do?

In early December, I wrote this: “Regular readers of The Vibrant Moment know that since last Spring my mother’s health has been failing. I shared my initial panic at the thought of her death in April and some of my ensuring fears and anxieties during the summer. Right now, I am by her side, as she is moving out of sight into another form. Death is the ultimate letting go for both her and her children.”

The reality that my mother was dying was the most difficult experience I have ever lived through. I was so sad, so often, for so long. What I felt and where I was was hard,and there was absolutely nothing I could do to make my mother’s death not be difficult.

This is the point of wise decisions. You stay with yourself when life is hard and difficult, or you go unconscious and miss wonderful vibrant moments all along the way. If you deny a hard and difficult reality, you block out everything else that is real. Your defensive wall of energy repeals light, vibrant moments, joy, pain, and love. This is a physical fact as well as a psychological fact.

Did you block out light and love as a child when life was hard without even knowing it? Most children do. This is the reason alternative therapy, emotional health coaching, energy work, and personal growth programs are essential. Working with a skilled professional teaches you how to stop blocking out the love and light that exists around you all the time.

You get much better results in life if you accept reality, accept your emotions and feelings, and love your authentic self each step of the way. The two major psychological problems that occurred when I did not love myself during my mother’s death were feeling guilty and feeling sorry for my mother.

I spent hours with my mother everyday for her last five weeks. Nevertheless, one Sunday, I felt sick, depressed, and miserable. As soon as I realized I felt guilty that I was not doing EVEN more for my mother AND feeling sorry for her, I climbed back out of the pity pit and stopped my self-judgments. You can also develop this life-saving skill to use when you get stuck in judgment and guilt.

My mother left her body Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015. Wow, is all I could say and all I can say. Wow. Conscious dying is as powerful as conscious living. There are intense, rich, deep, vibrant moments all along the way. The next time a loved one is dying, spend quality time with them. Feel them, get to know them without their mask, and trust the process of death just as you trust the process of life.

You will be richer and more alive, I promise.


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Anxiety, Fear, Desensitization, Relaxation and No More Nightmares!

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Relax into Fears.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Thank you to a current client for the feedback about last week’s newsletter: “Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this one. Very informative.”

And for the question about real fears:

“I was wondering if you would consider doing a newsletter on real fears. I am often aware of real fears that pop up now that I have taken your anxiety course. I still don’t always know how to handle them, feel safe, or know how to proceed.”

When I was a little girl, living on a rural farm in North Carolina I had nightmares about big monster snakes chasing me. In reality, I lived with snakes all around me. Some were good snakes my father never killed because they ate the rodents. Some were bad snakes my father always killed because they could kill us.

My real fear was of putting my hand into the tomato patch to pick a delicious tomato where a copperhead snake might be taking a nap, this happened to my mother, or of stepping on a huge snake that was much longer than me in the grass as I ran to my favorite maple tree to play. This almost happened, but I stopped short of stepping on the snake because I saw a bit of black move in the deep grass just in time!

Real fears are everywhere and they never go away. As humans, we have to learn a great deal of essential information in order to survive. This means you must learn how to take care of yourself in relationship to many real dangers. If you want to be free and happy, learning how to stay safe needs to be your primary goal.

As a child, I did not know the difference between a bad and good snake even though my father was teaching me. When a snake was sighted, my father used a hoe to put it into a large plastic bucket with a lid. Containment kept the snake from hurting anyone. Then, he got the encyclopedia to identify the snake for himself and educate me. After he was sure it was a good snake, he let it go. If it was a bad snake he killed it.

My nightmares continued because the small picture in the book did not look anything like the real snake in the bucket. Besides, those little details on the head of the snake could only be seen when you were so close to the snake it could bite you. Ye gads!

When I was in the third grade, I checked a large, picture book out of the library about snakes. Somehow, I knew I needed to get closer to snakes. If I wanted to relax and feel safe, I had to stop being terrified of the cottonmouths that lived around the pond. It was clear they were not going to move out of the neighborhood!

So, slowly, a little bit at a time, I opened my library book and closed it. I looked at the different snakes over and over again until I could see them and not be terrified. I also read about snakes and studied their habits. Honestly, to this day, I still have trouble telling the difference between a good and bad snake on my adventures into nature.

Nevertheless, I learned enough about snakes to protect myself no matter where I find them. I trust myself to be wise and respectful to all creatures as I enjoy myself in nature. This same step-by-step desensitization process is what you must do until you relax into your fears.

Also, make sure you have the necessary education about the facts, habits, and realities of your real fear. Next, develop the abilities and self-confidence you need to take care of yourself in relationship to your fears.

When your out-of-control nightmares stop, you are no longer afraid.


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