How to Feel Freedom and Joy by Being True to Yourself

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Free Yourself.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


I was blessed to experience the exciting times of the 1970’s. During my psychological internship at the state of New Jersey in 1974-1975 we were required to attend consciousness-raising groups. Yelp. Unlike today when you are hard pressed to even find a consciousness-raising group of any sort to attend.

The professional group experiences were created to rid me of my faulty, unhealthy conditioning. These group experiences were extremely effective. I came out of them less sexist, less racist, and much more loving and alive. Thank you to the state of New Jersey and my fellow group members for waking me up to my precious feelings.

After many long academic years of reading and more reading, I was finally in the real world. I began to feel my defensive energy and the wall around me as I began to feel my true, inner feelings. This is the paradox of consciousness-raising. Until you become more aware, you do not know how unaware you were!

This is the reason you cannot raise your consciousness by reading, studying, and thinking. You must get out of your chair and move out into the real world. The real world does not live in books, computers, and iPhones. No, reality can only be found in nature as you move through space.

You must feel that which exists, there is no other pathway to sanity. Reality exists around you all the time and you miss it by thinking too much. Your body is the only vehicle you have to access your feelings. Unfortunately, your body has been so degraded by the collective ego that you reject your body without even knowing that you do.

You have been brainwashed much more than you realize. If you want to enjoy more vibrant moments, you must deprogram and unlearn this degradation of your body and feelings. Learn to say no to your ego who wants you to ignore and disrespect your body and feelings.

Freedom is the best feeling in the world. It is even more enjoyable than joy. You deserve to say no to that which keeps you controlled and inhibited. The guilt, blame, shame, and ridicule delivered by your Inner Critic must be silenced.

Come to the forest with me on October 22 to get the help you need to say NO to your Inner Critic and the outer criticisms of others that hurt you. Develop and strengthen your no. If you cannot make the outdoor experience, join a consciousness-raising group and take an Assertiveness Training Course with a holistic psychologist.

I will be sending you a monthly newsletter for October. In the meantime get up and move through space to free yourself of your faulty, unhealthy conditioning.


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