How to be Interesting to Your Therapist, Friend and Lover

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I answer questions on the online website, Quora, from time to time
such as “What do therapists do during a boring session with a client?”

This is a great question because it applies to all relationships. What
do you do when your partner, friend or sibling is talking on and
on and you are bored? Are you polite and just keep listening? If so,
this could soon drain your energy and move your relationship into an
unhealthy dynamic. Once a relationship becomes dishonest, that
relationship is no longer healthy for you because you have lost your

Early in my career I discovered that when I was bored listening to
someone there was a high probability that other people were also
bored when listening to this person. This was a great help to me as a
therapist because now I knew one of the reasons my client did not
have close relationships with others. Their defenses were keeping them
from connecting with people. Surface talking leads to surface

Therefore, as soon as I experience a client as boring, I intervene. I
stop them and redirect them. Often I do this by asking them what they
are feeling. The feeling level of communication is interesting and
immediately connects us even if they are not aware of what they are
feeling. What someone is thinking can entertain you for a while if their
thoughts are not irrational or obsessive. Stories can also be interesting
for a while especially if they are funny or heart warming.

However, after a while just listening to anyone is boring no matter
what they are saying. Interactions and connections are needed for
people to have fun and be close to each other. You will never be
bored with yourself if you ask yourself what you are feeling. Do this
often. Listen to your emotional self until you get the honest
answers you need to be authentic and interesting.

When you get bored with others, quietly redirect the conversation to
something you are interested in. Or ask them what they feel about so
and so. Some people will follow you into a more intimate connection.
Others will not and you can kindly excuse yourself and go to the
bathroom or join another conversation.

To be interesting, you need to know what you are feeling and be able
to share your feelings with others.


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