What to Do When You Panic and Feel Anxious

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Remove Panic.
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My handyman was on the third floor of my home making loud noises as
he worked on my balcony replacing an old stuck window air
conditioner. I was sitting quietly in my living room on the first
floor when he sent my iPhone an image of a huge, long crack under a
badly damaged window. “Oh, no!” went off in my head. Immediately, I
panicked. I thought my fragile, old Philadelphia center city home was
splitting wide open with the force being used to pull the heavy
hummer out.

I ran up the stairs to see what was going on. When I arrived, he said
it was the neighbor’s house and that I should let them know because it
was serious. Wow, how quickly panic can come and go. Since losing my
stellar health, the ongoing pandemic and multiple assaults on my freedoms,
I notice stress is harder to handle.

Later in the day when I was enjoying a swim, I remembered a scene in
an old Ellen Burstyn movie called Resurrection. It was a true story
of a healer. In the unforgettable scene, a little girl’s nose starts
to bleed at a family reunion. The girl had hemophilia so everyone
around her at the picnic began to panic because they were afraid she
would never stop bleeding. The healer gently took the little girl in
her arms and quietly separated her from the crowd. She surrounded the
child with her calm, physical presence. The healer comforted, calmed
and reassured the little girl that her nose would soon stop bleeding.
Which it did. A miracle had happened.

What is the science behind the miracle? The Law of Resonance tells us
that all objects in the cosmos, including your organs and the cells in
your body vibrate and communicate with each other. The law states that
whatever your vibrations are, they resonate with the same energies in
the cosmos. This means you are whatever you resonate with in any given
moment. When the healer’s miracle happened, the little girl stopped
resonating with the panicky crowd around her, which was scaring her to
death. Instead, the child began to resonate with the healer who was
calm and secure. The child’s body resonated with wholeness, instead of

This law, along with Learning Research, is used in the home study
course, Overcome Anxiety Naturally. Panic is never helpful, so the
first thing you want to do is remove the panic. The course guides you
week by week out of panic into the part of you who is calm and
secure. Your Inner Healer has not been destroyed by negative life
experiences. You still have the ability to resonate with vibrations
that reassure you instead of scare you.

Whether panic originates inside or outside of you, as soon as you
notice the high pitched, exaggerated energy of panic, immediately
start to consciously breathe. Instead of being automatically sucked
into a self destructive, out of control energy, keep breathing as you
check out reality. Reality may not be as clear cut as misinterpreting
my house for my neighbor’s house. However, you can handle any
challenge that life throws at you better if you remove your panic and

Instead, resonate with your real fear. Your real fear is an alert
vibration inside of you. This vibration’s job is to keep you safe
from any real danger by providing you with the best course of action
to take in any given moment. Your body knows what is the best course
of action to take when you encounter a man on the street with a gun
or you are being told to evacuate because the wildfire is racing
toward your home.

You have the best chance for survival in everyday life challenges or
in a crisis if you fall into gravity and feel your body resonating
with Mother Earth. Trust the wisdom of your body when it vibrates
with the cosmos.


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