Feel Reality Instead of Reacting to Fake Ideas

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Reality Instead of Reacting to it.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Teacher, Mentor


A reader wants to know more about what I mean when I say, “You are acting out your fear, instead of feeling it.”

There are many real fears everyone must face as we go through the process of living our life. Real fears can be overcome in life-affirming ways, making us stronger and more secure. Facing your fears is the pathway that consistently leads to successful personal growth. The results of personal growth are effectiveness, holistic health and happiness.

Having the courage to become more of who you are is scary, exciting, fun and empowering. Your real fears do not go away because you deny them or exaggerate them. They live in your unconscious doing much harm until you bring them out of the darkness. With conscious awareness you can take an honest, sincere look at your fears and address your real concerns.

Anxiety is not a real fear. Anxiety is a maladaptive response. Being anxious is irrational because there is really nothing to be afraid of. Anxiety is Chicken Little screaming, “The sky is falling. The sky is falling.” When you are anxious, this means you have been conditioned to response in certain ways to certain stimuli and you do so automatically. You can unlearn anxiety responses.

Anxiety is never helpful because it shows up as static in your nervous system, tension in your body and interference in your energy field. When you are anxious, you react to situations, as in– a knee jerk response. Anxiety bypasses your genuine feelings and goes straight into an automatic reaction. Reactions are learned. They are of your ego and not helpful.

The effective way to deal with real fear is to feel it. The effective way to deal with irrational anxiety is to feel it. When you feel your physical and emotional realities, you do not react. When you react to realty instead of feeling it, you often create exactly what you are afraid of. You make your real fears and irrational anxieties come true by behaving in ways that make them come true.

For example, you are afraid your girlfriend is cheating on you. If you do not feel your fear and deal with it directly and sincerely you will act your fear out. You act your fear out by behaving in jealous, possessive ways that push your girlfriend away. As a result of your acting out behavior, your girlfriend may leave you or cheat on you.

Acting in is the opposite of acing out. It is when you turn inward, against yourself with an automatic reaction. The bottom line is your reactive behaviors manifest your fears and anxieties. This appears to be a natural law, not a theory. If you do NOT feel your fears and overcome them in reality, they are manifested as reality by your own behavior.

Take a look at your life and notice when, where and how you may have acted your fears out instead of facing them. When you feel your fear and anxiety, you can tell the difference between your real fears and irrational thoughts. You could take responsibility for your irrational thoughts and stop projecting them on others. If you use learning research to help you, you can unlearn your anxiety response. If you take an Assertiveness Training course you can “lay your fears dead at your feet,” like a brave warrior.

Fear is an energy you can ride toward freedom and joy. With successful personal growth, you become closer to your girlfriend and get real about what she feels and who she is. You are honest about what you feel and who you are. You become more secure and self-confident so you are happy with or without your girlfriend.

When you use your feeling ability to know the truth, you are grounded and enjoy more vibrant moments. For more self-empowerment, feel reality instead of reacting to it.


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