How to Release Frozen, Blocked Energy in Your Body for Holistic Health

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: You are younger than you think.
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor


Never forget that you are younger than you think. You are also smarter, stronger and capable of great happiness.

A few readers asked about the “chimney effect” from last months’ The Vibrant Moment because they are body workers and curious about how to help their clients release really tight, stuck energy in the physical body. You can also learn a great deal from my experience of healing the grief in my body. Think about your own body, your energy flow and how connected you are to the earth.

There is no reason you need to get so old, tired, stiff and stuck. My left lumbar was the area that massage and physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, body workers and other alternative healers could not break up. I am usually effective in relaxing my tight muscles with the help of massage and my ability to achieve deep muscle relaxation. However, for two years, I could not get my left hip to let go no matter what I did.

Jamshid, a talented body worker, on my second visit to him, knew what to do to help my lumbar muscles in my back let go and stay loose. He started at my left big toe. When I asked him the reason he was working on my big toe he said, “It is like the “chimney effect.”” From my experience with my body, I immediately knew what he was talking about. Other body workers and my massage therapist had opened the left hip for a few minutes but it always tightened back up again before I left the session or in a few hours.

Jamshid worked all the way to my left knee. He was creating a pathway for the energy to move through so that when he opened up my left hip this time it would stay loose instead of tightening back up. Before, the energy hit a brick wall and had nowhere to go so it went back to where it was. Like when smoke ends up in your house if the chimney is not working properly. The smoke had to leave my body somewhere, somehow.

When Jamshid went back to my lumbar and opened it up, it stayed loose and did not tighten back up. By the time I went to sleep my leg began to feel normal and healthy again. I could get grounded to the earth and stay grounded. It was amazing to feel alive again and able to move more freely. Feeling connected to the earth again was incredible. Being grounded is the source of genuine self-confidence and self-esteem.

So, what can you learn? Certain groups of muscles act together, get stuck together and release together. It is not just your lumbar area that needs releasing like Western medicine thinks it is. It is your whole body that is frozen. You are holistic. Also, frozen energy that is stuck in the body has to have a physical pathway out of the body so it can be permanently released. Letting go is about your muscles and your energy.

So take heart and get stronger. Don’t let false beliefs about aging, your body and energy stop you from staying younger, getting stronger and being happier.


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