How to Tell the Difference Between The Truth and A Lie?


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Look Inward for Answers.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher


A client who was conditioned to please others was having a hard time
paying attention to her own needs and desires. As a result, this
mother of three suffered from extreme anxiety and insecurity.
Unfortunately, her schoolteacher mother successfully taught her to
look to her mother, schools, books and experts for answers.

Early on, she learned to distrust herself and looked outward for all
her answers. She learned to become insecure and unsure of her own
inner knowings so successfully that she acted dumb around others and
they believed she was dumb and labeled her such. Psychologists and
teachers sometimes do great harm to our self-esteem.

The first time I met this mother of three I knew she was not dumb, it was
easy to sense her smarts. I also could feel her wonderful heart, full of love.
Take note dear ones of what you have learned that is not true about you. Take
three deep breaths and reset your truth barometer so you can tell the
truths from the lies. You can learn to feel the huge difference between
a lie and the truth. There are lots of false beliefs outside of you. You may
have learned to believe some of them about yourself and others.

In the last session I had with my smart and loving client, she
started to ask me questions at the end of the session. I had to
remind her that I did not have her answers. She pressured me and I
like they have THE ANWER does not live in reality. No one has our answers.
Sometimes, we don’t even have our own answers because there are no

She “got it’ and told me to write about “no answers” in The Vibrant
Moment, so I did. All power is within. All answers are within. Look
inward and connect with Mother Earth and the Cosmos for the vibration
of truth.


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