How to Know What You Really Want to Do

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel to Know. 

You think you want to go out tonight with friends and have some fun. Yet, you are not sure. Maybe you really feel like staying home with heart-warming music, or write in your journal or read a good book. Or, all of the above.

Listen to who is talking to you. Are you listening to your Ego or True Self? Which part of you do you identify with most of the time? Your answer to these two questions determines the results you are sure to get. If you identify with your ego, you go toward heavy, dark energy and the “fun” you have will not be fulfilling. If you identify with your True Self, you go toward light, love energy, and you are sure to relax and enjoy your moments of being alive no matter what you do.

It really does not matter “What you do.” What matters is being true to your needs and desires in the moment. This is the reason it is essential to get to know your egos. Does your ego look slick, smart and well organized? Dr. Tight-ass is one of my self-images. Or does your ego look weak, hopeless and helpless? Poor little Country Girl is another of my false selves.

The more you get to know your egos, the more power you have to stop their unhealthy energy from making you sick, anxious and depressed. As long as your false selves stay hidden in the dark of your unconscious, hanging out in your body, the more harm your Inner Critics can do to your self-esteem and holistic health.

What you do not know can kill you.

Seriously. Ignorance is not bliss. Denial is the most damaging of all mental health diseases. See yourself realistically. Work with teachers who help you gain insight about how others see you. Take a look at how busy you stay. Explore how much time you spent sitting still without reading or looking. How frequently do you let your body move naturally and do what it wants to do without posturing it via yoga or other brain commands.

The only way to win the battle with your ego is to bring your false beliefs up to your conscious mind and expose them to the light. Then, if you can read body language and feel energy, it is easy to recognize the difference between your real needs versus your egos’ everlasting control.

How to Know Your Ego.

Your Ego:
1. Controls you.
2. Blames
3. Feels superior or inferior to others
4. Has heavy, dense, dark energy
5. Has scattered, out of control or controlled energy
6. Is aggressive or passive

How to Know Your True Self.

Your True Self:
1. Frees you.
2. Takes Responsibility
3. Feels equal to others
4. Has light, flowing, buoyancy energy
5. Is spontaneous and sincere
6. Is assertive

When you feel instead of think, you know the difference between your ego and True Self. Next, you must learn how to de-program and unlearn your ego responses. Unlearning unhealthy responses takes patience and practice.

To eliminate your ego, use your common sense and stay in your body, not your brain. Learn to read body language so you see the physical truth in yourself and others. Study and listen to the “Hear Your Body Talking” holistic psychology audio and “The Introduction to Body Language” to get started. Sign up for local body awareness classes and my Fall Nature Workshop in October.


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