How to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions and Self Esteem

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Self-Confidence is Body-ful.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Transformational Coach, Mentor


What is the best way to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends? Become more body-ful! During the holidays people often get anxious because they are listening to the ego’s should nots and shoulds. When you get anxious you take on the point of view of your ego instead of being open and loving. 

Back in September, I wrote about how true breakthroughs occur when there is a physical change in your body and coined a new word, body-ful. You can always visit to read past issues of The Vibrant Moment if you missed an issue.

Since we have been exploring how to become more self-confident for the last two months, your body must re-enter the scene. When you can read body language you know when someone has genuine self-esteem and when they are faking it. This is because genuine self-confidence is a physical reality. It is not a mental state or even an emotional state. Self-confidence is flexible and fluid.

Your degree of self-confidence is based on how present you are in space at any given moment. Naturally, we all come and go, moment by moment. This means your self-confidence can become stronger or weaker instantaneously. Depending on who you are with and what you are thinking. You get a cold shoulder from someone or feel their judgment. Suddenly, you become smaller.

You are a mass of undulating energy that is held together by your physical form. Therefore, anything you do that makes you stronger physically is going to increase your self-esteem. And an added perk is: Becoming more body aware is the way to improve all of your relationships. Make your New Year’s Resolutions around these suggestions.  

Ways to Increase Self-Esteem

  1. Use any of the marital arts.
  2. Visit a good body worker.
  3. Take a class in body awareness.
  4. Get regular massages.
  5. Move more with awareness.
  6. Enjoy loving sensual activities.

Use any of the above alone or with others. They are extremely effective in helping you become more body-ful. Do not go to bed without your body or wake up without including your body. Slip out of bed letting your body lead the way. Be present for your life. Stand up for yourself. Literally.


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