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Here are some thoughts about when a soul decides
to leave the material confines of the body and earth.

What I suggest may be true and it may not be true.
However keep an open mind and see if it fits you
and your experience.

I am comforted by the thought that the soul does make
the decision when to pass over and that nothing is a true
accident. The result is, I can relax and let my soul lead
the way.

My focus changes, my job is not to fret or be scared about
when I am going to pass over. Nope, my job is to listen
to my soul and follow.

So how do you listen to your soul?

Emotions are the pathway to your soul. Last week I was
sad about other people passing over. Sadness is a soul
quality, it is not depression. Sadness is a real emotion
that feeds the soul and makes life deep, rich and

The closest I have ever felt to another human being
was in deep, profound sadness. Soul to soul.

The energy of sadness needs to move through you to
nourish your cells and feed your soul. If you deny or
exaggerate your sadness it will cause you serious problems
in the future. This is because the sad energy will get
stuck somewhere in your body and create stagnation.

If you depress or avoid your sadness you create mental,
emotional and physical problems.

The third audio in my emotional health guide, Opening the
Heart is called, When You’re Hurting…. It was made to
help you stay in your sadness so it moves through you
and does not get stuck.

Emotional energy moving through your body is healing and
will transform your life into more vibrant moments and
more joy.

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