How to Achieve Holistic Health? Be True to Your Feelings

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be Yourself for Good Holistic Health.

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Remember my overwhelming June of this year? Almost all of my house problems have been solved. A daily, small, step-by-step approach to accomplishing the multitude of tasks before me, worked. I love my new refrigerator. My home is no longer in chaos; my new office is white and beautiful.

Thanks to all of you who wrote me and supported me through my difficult summer. Finally, I can relax and enjoy some vibrant moments. Here is a story I heard this week.

“One man came to Mozart and asked him how to write a symphony. Mozart replied, “You are too young to write a symphony.” The man said, “You were writing symphonies when you were ten years of age, and I am twenty-one.” Mozart said, “Yes, but I didn’t run around asking people how to do it.”

I laughed and laughed. I hope you laughed also. How much fun it is to laugh. How wonderful it is to give yourself a break and let yourself enjoy small pleasures through the day. Through hard times and good times, being true to yourself is the only pathway to health and sanity. If you are true to yourself through crisis, you come out stronger and happier.

So, the next time you are anxious, be anxious. When you are scared, be scared. Love all of your experiences as you make your way through your life. To run around trying to be someone else, just doesn’t work.

Of course, it is helpful to learn from mentors and teachers, this is wise indeed. However, never reject or betray your authentic emotions and feelings. Always let your behavior be a genuine expression of your natural gifts and intuitive self. Being true to your unpleasant experiences in life guarantees that you will become stronger and naturally return to your birthright—more joy and vibrant moments.

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Take a deep breath and feel your feelings.


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