Breathe Throughout the Day to Reduce Anxiety Without Medication

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Take a Deep Breath.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher


What do you do when something in your life takes your breath away?

Do you even notice when something takes your breath away? I became
a conscious breather in my early 30s after several years of practice.
Unfortunately, this year, dealing with extreme stress, health issues
and Covid viruses, reality began to take my breath once again. In the
morning, I would read something in the news and walk into the living
room, not breathing … Wow, intense, scary and real stress factors
took my breath away. I bet you were also stressed to the max as you
lived through this pandemic.

Getting your breath back is the answer to living a life worth living.
If you are breathing as you go through your day, you also enjoy lower
anxiety, less depression and better mental and physical health. My
post doc training in 1976 included teaching breathing and relaxation
skills to clients. What a joy it was to have a huge lounge chair in each
office for our clients to sit back in and let go of control in. Thank
Dr. Joe Wolpe, the father of Behavior Therapy, for knowing how to help
people reduce anxiety without medication. This was my beginning of
becoming a conscious breather.

A few years later, I attended a lecture by a famous dancer in Center
City, Philadelphia. She said, “If you are not fully breathing, you
are not alive.” This image hit me in the guts. Immediately, I created
a reminder throughout the day to help me remember to breathe. I saw
clients on the hour, so I made myself notice if I was fully breathing
or not on the top of each hour. This throughout the day breathing
exercise really worked.

Researching the state of breathing in the world today, I find science
and the Navy SEALs have joined the top athletics in using the power of
breathing. Baseball players are the most obvious when they are batting
Take a look if you have not seen them lately. They know how to
breathe. There are new fancy names such resonate breathing and box
breathing that replace the old diaphragm breathing and yoga breaths.

I suggest that you not worry about counting and doing it “right.” In
my home study course, Overcome Anxiety Naturally, I teach the basic
breath that gets you into alpha brain waves. Also, I recommend
breathing like a newborn baby that did not have an anxious mother.
After all, you were born a breather. All you have to do is reclaim
the power of breathing to help you enjoy life and more vibrant

Once you are a conscious breather, you can unlearn what took your
breath away in the first place as a child.


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Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.

Teacher and author of Opening the Heart and 15 other self help products.