Self Improvement Tip: Use Halloween Wisely


The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Accept your true self.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Live at the Edge:


When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween?

Halloween is a great time to have fun and do some serious
personal growth.

For example, what part of you do you ignore, deny or reject?

Do you pay attention to your needy part?  Do you acknowledge
your greedy part?  Do you accept the bossy part?  What about
your spoiled brat?

Halloween is a great time to embrace and love the parts of
the self that you have trouble accepting.

Self-love is a delicious and life empowering human energy.
With genuine self-love you have everything you need to
weather any storm.

The year I dressed up as a spoiled brat was life changing.
I wore cute little shorts, a boy’s cap and red suspenders.
I stuck my nose up in the air and pranced around all night
at the Halloween party I hosted.

I did not behave the way a good girl is supposed to behave.
What fun!  I finally freed myself from my own judgmental
chains.  My liberation occurred because I gave myself the
freedom to be a spoiled brat.

By “owning” my spoiled brat, I realized I did not have to be
so perfect, so good or so loving all the time with everyone.
I did not have to be “perfect” to be acceptable and lovable.

Give it a try.

Even if you do not go to a Halloween party or stroll around
your neighborhood, dress up as the part of you that you need
to embrace in order to cultivate more self-love.

As you “own” the part of you that you are currently rejecting,
you go through a natural process of personal growth and self

If you let go of control, your natural process will unfold.

You will enjoy creating your costume.  Your creative self will
have fun planning and gathering the items. Your costume will
manifest from what you already have in your closet and you
will use old sheets, paper and odd items.

The part of you who needs to be loved will lead the way.
Your costume will change and rearrange along the way as your
energy becomes freer and healthier.

Self-improvement does not have to be boring or painful, it can
be great and glorious fun.  Dressing up as Carmen or Napoleon
may be just what you need.


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Feeling Guilty? Say “No” to Guilt and Be True to Yourself.


Everglades National Park, Florida- Photo by Doris Jeanette

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Never let guilt inhibit you.

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Human Energy Coach, Mentor
Live at the Edge:


When was the last time you felt guilty?

A male client, who was beaten by this father, said, “I feel
guilty when I have any feelings of dislike for my father.”

My client inhibits the whole right side of his body.

He stops his energy on the right side so that it cannot flow
in a strong and healthy fashion.  The right side of his body
is tighter than his left. He is anxious and insecure.

On the outside he appears to be strong, muscular and sturdy.
He works out in the gym so he looks healthy and happy to the
“untrained” eye. He smiles a lot. He is very handsome and

However, in reality, his lower back is killing him and he has
shooting pain down his leg.  He is going through a divorce
and his heart is broken.

Back to guilt. Guilt is stopping my client from being able to
express his feelings and emotions about his divorce, his wife
and his father.

His guilt has ruined his life in the past, and continues to
do so in the present.

Until he learns how to express his authentic feelings, he is
going to be stuck in serve emotional pain and physical pain.
Until he learns to allow his natural energy to flow through
his right side, he is going to experience self doubt, anxiety,
fear and misery.

What about you?

Do you make life decisions based on guilt? Do you let guilt
stop you from expressing your truths?

If so, you are missing out on a lot of vibrant moments.  You
are also stuck in self doubt, anxiety, fear and misery.

If you say goodbye to guilt, you will say hello to more joy,
freedom and vibrant moments.


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Let Someone Help You Become Successful and Strong


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Get help.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Psychology Mentor, Coach
Live at the Edge:


Socrates mentored Plato … Plato mentored Aristotle …
Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great…

It is a known fact. The best way to be successful is to
be mentored. I have had many excellent mentors and
teachers over my 35 years of professional life.

When I need to learn a new skill, I find the best teacher
I can and use her or him to learn what I need to learn.

For example, when I received my Doctorate from Baylor
University I knew I did not know enough about therapy to
help anyone. So I applied to study Behavior Therapy and
Sex Therapy with a famous man at Temple Medical School.

This was a very smart move on my part. I am eternally
grateful that I learned how to relax my clients and relax
myself during this mentoring experience way back in 1975.

Many years later, when managed care moved in I knew that a
psychologist with an original, holistic approach was not
going to flourish in this controlling system.  Managed care
was full of psychiatric labels, time-limited treatments,
treatment restrictions and massive paper work.

Immediately, I began my search for a marketing, business
mentor that I could trust.  I knew I needed to learn
marketing in order to to keep my private practice healthy
so I could say, “No thank you,” to the dictates of managed

You need to do the same.

Seek out holistic psychologists, alternative therapists,
emotional health coaches, energy work teachers and skillful
bodywork practitioners to help you.

Use the mentors and teachers who teach you how to fish. Do
not use the ones who give you a fish. You do not need a
treatment or technique. You need to be empowered with
knowledge, process, skill and experience.

Use holistic health practitioners who teach you how to find
your own answers by looking inward. Let them help you
develop and use your natural talents.

There is no doubt that you will be successful with your
personal growth and self improvement if you use the best
mentors and teachers you can find.

You deserve to reach your goals and be satisfied with
yourself.  Let others help you manifest your desires and


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