Feeling Guilty? Say “No” to Guilt and Be True to Yourself.


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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Never let guilt inhibit you.

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When was the last time you felt guilty?

A male client, who was beaten by this father, said, “I feel
guilty when I have any feelings of dislike for my father.”

My client inhibits the whole right side of his body.

He stops his energy on the right side so that it cannot flow
in a strong and healthy fashion.  The right side of his body
is tighter than his left. He is anxious and insecure.

On the outside he appears to be strong, muscular and sturdy.
He works out in the gym so he looks healthy and happy to the
“untrained” eye. He smiles a lot. He is very handsome and

However, in reality, his lower back is killing him and he has
shooting pain down his leg.  He is going through a divorce
and his heart is broken.

Back to guilt. Guilt is stopping my client from being able to
express his feelings and emotions about his divorce, his wife
and his father.

His guilt has ruined his life in the past, and continues to
do so in the present.

Until he learns how to express his authentic feelings, he is
going to be stuck in serve emotional pain and physical pain.
Until he learns to allow his natural energy to flow through
his right side, he is going to experience self doubt, anxiety,
fear and misery.

What about you?

Do you make life decisions based on guilt? Do you let guilt
stop you from expressing your truths?

If so, you are missing out on a lot of vibrant moments.  You
are also stuck in self doubt, anxiety, fear and misery.

If you say goodbye to guilt, you will say hello to more joy,
freedom and vibrant moments.


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