How to Permanently Lose Weight this Year

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Learn to Feel Your True Self.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Here is a question from a Vibrant Moment reader:

“As you know I’m am emotional eater and have been since age five. How
do I change the energy in myself from being totally out of control and
eating emotionally? Can I break free? Do I need to know why I do it,
or is it good enough to simply know what needs to be done in the
present? Please help me to find a better way. It’s destroying my health,
self esteem, and life.”

You are so correct. Overeating, just like overthinking, drinking,
working, and reading are signs of out of control energy. Out of
control energy is all around you and inside of you. Controlled energy
is all around you and inside of you. Controlled and out of control
energy are indicators that you are in your ego. Your ego is your
conditioned self, which is the part of you that overeats.

Neither controlled nor out of control energy originates from your
real, true, authentic self. The energy of your True Self is
harmonious and connected to Mother Earth. Your True Self is like the
falling snow I am watching right now. Your True Self is natural,
rhythmic, and physical. Your True Self wants you to be your natural
healthy body and optimum weight.

Therefore, the pathway to losing weight and never gaining it back is
connecting to your True Self. Diets of any sort are a waste of time.
Controlling yourself never works with any type of self-improvement
and personal growth. Controlling your eating is just as ineffective
as being out of control with your eating.

Even though there is a world of difference between your ego and your
True Self, most people do not know the difference. The difference is
huge. Your ego is like cardboard, while your True Self is strong,
sturdy, and resilient. If you learn how to feel the different
energies, you have the necessary tools needed to stop your out of
control and controlled energy from ruining your life. When you do not
know the difference, you are stuck in helplessness and your
unconscious behaviors take over.

To claim your birthright, which is your power to be yourself, you
must learn how to feel these different energies in your physical body
so you have solid bio-feedback about reality. If you do not have a
therapist, coach, or mentor who is teaching you the difference
between your conditioned self and your real self, The Opening the
Heart audio series teaches you how to recognize and feel the

Moving toward your True Self is a process. This means permanent
weight loss does not happen all at once. Losing weight and
eliminating anxiety attacks happen one step at a time. To reach solid
self-esteem, better health, and a more enjoyable life, find and
follow your emotional self one step at a time toward more freedom
and joy.

Different people get stuck in different places. This is the reason
you need to trust your process. Your pathway to permanent weight loss
is unique to you and your learning experience. Unlearning your
overeating behavior or another unhealthy behavior is a fantastic
journey of self-discovery.

Emotional eating is a way to AVOID your authentic emotions.

What do you feel when you are hungry? Anxious? Definitely. Fearful?
Probably. When you connect with your authentic emotional self you
know exactly what you are feeling. Do you feel bad about yourself?
Insecure? Needy? Hurt? Highly likely. Keep breathing and feeling what
you really feel.

When you feel your emotions you allow your emotional energy to move.
Once free, your colorful emotions naturally rearrange and move
forward. Thus, feeling bad quickly and suddenly shifts into feeling
better. Contrast feeling your emotions with how you feel when you
inhibit your emotions by overeating. Really notice the difference in
how you feel by using your body for accurate feedback about reality.

Watch out for your sneaky ego. This is the part of you that makes you
wrong or bad about feeling what you feel! This is the part of you that
wants you to overeat. Your ego loves to put you in lose-lose mental
states where you stay stuck in helplessness, anxiety, and depression.

Get unstuck by learning the difference in energy between your
lose-lose ego and your win-win True Self. The trick is to experience
your authentic emotions without denying or exaggerating them. When
you deny or exaggerate your emotions, your ego is back in charge of
you. You have lost your True Self.

The more consistently you say no to your ego and yes to your True
Self, the more you move forward toward your naturally, beautiful body
and ideal weight.


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