How to Feel Your Feelings and Feel Better

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Accept Your Feelings.


It is the end of 2020, a rough year for most of us. This means feeling bad is normal, healthy and sane. Many have lost loved ones. All of us have lost something precious and dear to us. Have you lost your health, wealth, job, friend, pet, travel? If you give yourself the luxury of grieving before the start of the New Year, it will improve your holistic health.

Grieving takes time, patience and self-love. 

Accepting your feelings, no matter what you feel, is an act of self-love. Whenever you are in touch with your emotional self, you know how you feel. When you are not in touch with your emotional self, you do not know how you feel. This means the first step is to find and listen to your emotional self so you know what you feel. The goal for excellent emotional health is to know what you feel twenty-four hours a day.

Here is a Body-Emotional-Energy Exercise to help you discover what you feel:

Stop everything and sit down. Do not move until you know how you sincerely feel inside. Give yourself time to stop thinking and start feeling. Touch your body anywhere you feel tight and tense. Breathe into this physical area. Take a deep breath and exhale. As you exhale, let go and feel what you feel. Slowly keep breathing deep breaths. Feel what you feel as you exhale. If you stay with yourself, some sort of fear or hurt will bubble up inside of you. After you acknowledge what you feel, sit with your feelings as long as you can and accept your emotional reality. Keep breathing and go about your day with more awareness of your inside and outside realities.

The purpose of feeling your feelings is to feel better and be more alive. It is not to get stuck in depression or anxiety. Once you know how you feel, it is helpful to stay with your emotions and allow them to move and resolve. Natural, healthy grieving comes and goes in waves. Be a surfer and ride your emotions to shore. Sometimes you ride smoothly and sometimes you fall off. Be kind with yourself.

The exciting news is that as soon as you feel a genuine emotion, its energy changes into another color and off you go into completely new territory. To help you stay in this colorful flow, write. Psychological research shows that writing is an effective way to process your feelings and keep the energy moving so that you feel so much better afterwards. 

To help you process your emotions, do this writing exercise: 

Pick up a pen or your computer and write about how you feel for 15-20 minutes. Just write, do not judge, edit or stop the words from flowing. After you finish, put your writing away and go about your day. You can come back later and read what you wrote or not. What is important is that you are expressing your feelings instead of controlling them. Write for at least four days in a row to get great results. 

If you get stuck in depressed or anxious energy, then you need to make an active conscious effort to get up and move. I call it the ACE. Walk, dance, sing, do the laundry, wash the dishes. Any physical activity will help you stay out of the deadly mental states. When you experience depression or anxiety you are stuck in a rigid mental state, you are not feeling your emotions. After an ACE, come back and write about your emotions once again. 

Let my people grieve. Could be a Broadway show. Let my people grieve to free themselves from anxiety and depression. Keep breathing and feeling.

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