What is a Breakthrough? A Bodyful Experience!

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Breakthroughs are Bodyful.
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When was the last time you had a breakthrough?

I am long overdue for one. Therefore, I have been carefully studying
my clients as they enjoy theirs. For example, a regular coaching
client just had a delightful breakthrough this week during her phone
session. She could feel it, so could I. Her energy shifted. She got
it! More of her became present.

Breakthroughs are far beyond insights. A quantum leap occurs when
you directly experience a full-bodied awareness of how you are keeping
yourself in chains and know in your heart you cannot continue to allow
this to happen to you—no matter what! Once freedom is experienced
in the body, it is difficult for the mental judgments to take you prisoner

My client has a hard time doing anything if her family members
disapprove of her. Since her family is rigid, controlling and
self-righteous that makes it difficult for her to do what she needs
to do to be happy and free. Eating out of anxiety is one of the
behaviors she has not been able to transform. Since she has been
conditioned to eat what she should, not eat what she should not AND
finish her plate, she eats too fast and over eats. Starving children
come to haunt her…

I asked her to feel the part of her that controls her. The image was
her critical mother who she still answers to, even though my client
owns the company. For successful transformation, you must take full
responsibility for your ego that pleases mother and your ego that
resists mother. Notice your stubbornness, it is your worse enemy.
Your rebellious self does not listen to what is being communicated.
It acts as if the other person is wrong and bad, projecting false
beliefs outward.

My client’s awareness of both ego states has not been enough for her
to experience freedom. So, I asked her to feel the part of her that
cannot speak her truth. For example, “I am not keeping my ‘seat in
the butt’ working all day because I need to go walking to exercise.”
As we explored her real self who cannot speak up, the bottom line
real fear was: “I will lose mother’s love.” Next we helped her little
girl realize that approval is not love.

The breakthrough occurred when I asked her to feel her stomach. As a
result of being controlled by her family, my client’s natural
response of feeling when her stomach is full had been destroyed.
Therefore, my client does not feel her stomach. Instead, she listens
to her mental judgments of should and should nots for guidance. The
reality of not feeling her stomach brought her face to face with her

Look at your behaviors and see how many of them are due to the same
problem. When does your brain override your physical sensations so
that you do not directly experience reality? How often during the day
do you block your feelings? In what areas in your life are you
unconscious of your authentic sensations? Do you feel your feet and
notice you are not grounded? Do you hear your intuitive self when it
talks to you?

You are NOT who you think you are. Who are you? Your body knows.
However, your ego is invested in keeping you unconscious of how it is
controlling you, defining you and using you. This means your body is
the battleground where your false beliefs thrive, blocking the
gateway to reality. Therefore, you must be silent and listen. Your
body is the place to spend lots of time sensing and feeling reality.
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Be bodyful. Be present for your life; do not let it slip away into
ordinary, mundaneness. Be bold, paint the canvas of your life brightly
with colors.


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