Use Your Common Sense to Stay Safe and Achieve Mental Health

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Your Common Sense.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

When I lost my sense of smell and taste a few years ago, many of the
small pleasures in life disappeared. My body seemed to be going
through a cleansing and soon, my taste buds and magnificent nose
returned. Now, these small pleasures of smelling, eating and drinking
are the great joys of my life. As I go to bed at night on my heavenly
cloud, I look forward to the smell of delicious coffee in the morning
as I brew it like the French.

Interesting that losing your sense of smell and taste is one of the
signs of being sick with the current monster virus. Anything that
attacks your senses permanently is to be avoided, so I trust you are
taking good care of yourself. Use your common sense to stay safe and
sound as you celebrate Thanksgiving. Common sense is lacking in many
people as they move unconsciously through their life. Step away from
any ordinary and mundane experience, into your senses— so you can
enjoy more vibrant moments.

Common sense is the end result of using all your senses to make
decisions. You have taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. These are
the five senses most people talk about. There are others, we can
explore later. With the virus around you, touch yourself more often.
Hug yourself. Put two hands on your body to feel it, know it and
reassure it. This is one of the new body energy exercises I use in
the Overcoming Anxiety Naturally home study course. If you are aware
of your body and relaxed in your body—you do not experience anxiety.
Seriously, try it.

Make your Thanksgiving fun and enjoyable. Use your senses to add
color and flavor to everything you do. Touch your body and live in
it. Being body-ful not only reduces your anxiety, it also boosts your
immune system.

Use your common sense to enjoy this wild body trip on planet earth.
Being in the flesh during a pandemic. Wow!


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Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
Mentor and author of Opening the Heart

How to Spring into Holistic Health, Wealth and Happiness

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Spring Around You.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Energy Coach, Mentor


I often stress the importance of being able to relax because
relaxation is the pathway to physical, mental and emotional health.
However, relaxation is not the only energy you and your body need if
you want to have lots of vibrant moments and holistic health. You
also need to get excited! Spring is here to help you break free.

As I was consciously trying to break free from the chains that bound
me, in the early 1980s, I was out with two friends at a fancy
Philadelphia restaurant enjoying myself. I started to laugh about
something we were talking about at our small, elegant table. It was
so funny and I felt so relaxed that my whole body laughed. Pretty
soon, I was on the edge of my seat and almost fell out of my chair. I
stopped laughing, looked at the people next to me and sat up straight
in my chair feeling embarrassed.

In the natural process of transformation, being relaxed naturally
leads to excitement and joy. So, your natural state is awe. What
stops you from feeling wonder more often? Are you too afraid to let
go of the control thoughts have over you? You may not want to relax
because you are afraid you will embarrass yourself with your
excitement of being alive.

Take a look in the mirror:
Are you aware of your inhibitions?
How do you feel when you get excited?
What judgments do you have in your head about laughing freely?
Are you afraid of making a fool of yourself?

I call my second audio in the three hour Opening the Heart series,
“Fear is the pathway to freedom and joy.” This is because feeling
your real fear naturally leads to your real joy. Real fear grounds
you and keeps you safe. Whereas, feeling anxious leads to no joy and
constant insecurity. Feeling anxious is the state your Killjoy
Monster loves to put you in. Anxiety is precisely how your Inner
Critic keeps you in your chains.

Judgments from your ego create the anxiety in your body that makes
you uptight and insecure. I was extremely judgmental of myself about
being relaxed and letting go of control in a public restaurant. My
Killjoy Monster was telling me I was “loud, inappropriate, rude, out
of control, impolite.” Can you think of any other ways to criticize
my behavior? This incident helped me discover the reason I controlled
myself in the first place: I was afraid of what I would do if I were
free and uninhibited. I would get excited and do something bad, wrong
or embarrassing. Was this true? Was I dealing with a real fear or was
it my irrational anxiety?

Let’s look at the reality of the situation. As I settled back into my
table of friends, I could feel they where not judgmental of me, they
were enjoying me; maybe even envious of my spontaneity and freedom.
My enthusiasm was one of the reasons they liked being with me. The
other people in the restaurant did not appear to be concerned, they
were enjoying themselves. So, my belief was false. My behavior was
not inappropriate. Your Inner Critic could say, there may have been an
Old Grouch somewhere in the restaurant that thought I was, “loud,
inappropriate, rude, out of control, and impolite.”

So? The price you pay for staying in your chains is that there maybe
someone who judges you, somewhere, sometime. Does this fear
outweigh the benefits of breaking free from your chains? Spontaneous
people enjoy enormous benefits! They have health, wealth and
happiness. They do not suffer from depression and anxiety. Relaxed
people connect with others and enjoy healthy relationships, including
good sex.

The best things in life come to you when you are not a Grouch. Get
rid of your Inner Grouch and outside judgments cannot keep you in
your chains. All you have to do is break free of your conditioning
and unlearn your mental judgments. Give yourself permission to get
excited and express your enthusiasm without making yourself wrong.
Fear not, the skill to deal with people who judge you can be learned.
Assertiveness is a necessary skill for personal growth success and
healthy relationships. It is easy to say you are sorry if you unknowingly
step on some toes.

Feel spring and let its exciting energy put a spring in your step.
Breathe in the wonder of spring so your cells laugh with joy. Bloom
like a flower and enjoy the consequences of saying no to your Killjoy
Monster and yes to your True Self. Be in love with life.

You will be smiling all over as a result of all those vibrant moments you spend with bright, yellow daffodils.


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