How to Manifest Your New Year’s Resolutions and Reach Personal Growth Goals

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Face Fears.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

The beginning of the New Year is a great time to use your intention
to create more freedom and joy. Take time to write down your desires
and needs. Writing your desires down is an effective first step
toward manifestation. Using vision boards, soul collages and making
masks are also fun ways to set your intention into motion. Once set,
trust your process.

The next step is to notice and remove the blocks that are keeping
your intentions from becoming true. Most often, it is your unresolved
emotional issues that keep you from moving forward on your desire to
lose weight, save money, create more loving relationships and make
your dreams come true.

The problem is you can’t reach your emotional self in order to heal
your wounds until you get pass your egos. Yes, you have many. Your
defensive energy often blocks the gateway to your tender heart. This
means you need to get to know your sneaky ego if you want to
transform your body into more of your natural born energy.

Transformation means your ego energy literally changes form in your
body so that you become softer, sweeter and more receptive. Also,
during transformation your energy field becomes more radiant. This
energy change occurs because you are allowing more of your natural
born light to shine outward. Others can see and feel your change
because your change is physical, not just emotional or mental.

Meeting your ego as an equal is often a daunting task. You crafted
your ego to take care of yourself when you were little and didn’t
have any other way to protect yourself. This process of creating
defensive energy occurred unconsciously and automatically when you
were hurt or scared as a child.

However, the more you avoid exposing your controlling egos, the more
you experience anxiety and mundane moments. This is where so many
people are stuck on the planet right now. Egos are in charge of the
world. Egos are ruining our planet and hurting Mother Earth.
Defensive energy is keeping us from enjoying vibrant moments.

Back to your intentions. Have fun using your intentions to move
forward. Play with all the creative arts for success. Next, expose
your egos that are blocking your heart’s desires. The goal is to meet
your defensive energy as an equal. You need to stand up to your ego
so you can assert yourself effectively in the world. When your ego is
no longer in charge of you, you don’t let others control you.

In order to stand up to your ego, your adult self needs to learn how
to use your inner strengths and natural born talents to help you face
your fears and reduce your anxieties. The benefits of letting go of your
controlling ego are freedom and joy.

To learn more about the natural process of transformation, letting go
of control, finding your inner strengths and standing up to your ego

Please ask me any questions you have about how to get unstuck. I
will write more about breaking free and being joyful after the New

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