Bodyful, Notice How You are Moving: More Haste, Less Speed

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: More Haste, Less Speed.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

A British friend was getting some tea while I was getting some water.
We were standing close together at my local pool. Knowing her quite
well, I said, “You reject the Royalty and accept the tea.” She laughed
and said, “Yes, that could go on my tombstone!”

The Brit continued, “Another phase on my tombstone could be, “More
haste, less speed.” I paused and had her repeat the phase so I could
absorb what she was saying. She continued, “In Britain here is a big
difference in meaning between the two words, haste and speed. Haste
slows you down and you make a lot of mistakes.”

Thinking to myself, “That makes sense, anxiety always interferes with
being effective in the moment. So, haste is what you do when you are
anxious. I usually use the word rush.” As I was taking in what she was
saying, I connected our haste versus speed conversation to another
message I received from a friend the day before. Her message was:
“Slow down to speed up.”

Ah, I’m receiving this important message from the cosmos and giving
it to you.

Take note of how you are doing what you are doing. The rabbit and
turtle story also comes to mind as I am writing this. Take your Time.
Take baby steps, slowly, carefully—as you learn to do something new.
Or even not new! Being in the moment is the key to being successful.
Your baby steps work because you get to where you are going.

Taking small steps, that keep you on the ground, are successful in
overcoming anxiety naturally. Take the home study course, Overcome
Anxiety Naturally if you have not yet learned to take baby steps.

These same baby steps work for any long time dreams you may have.
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So, what’s on your tombstone?

Enjoy having fun and being playful as a way of life. This is your
life. Live it well.


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