When Life is Hard: Love Yourself, Stay with Emotions and Feelings

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Love Yourself.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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When life is hard and difficult, what do you do?

In early December, I wrote this: “Regular readers of The Vibrant Moment know that since last Spring my mother’s health has been failing. I shared my initial panic at the thought of her death in April and some of my ensuring fears and anxieties during the summer. Right now, I am by her side, as she is moving out of sight into another form. Death is the ultimate letting go for both her and her children.”

The reality that my mother was dying was the most difficult experience I have ever lived through. I was so sad, so often, for so long. What I felt and where I was was hard,and there was absolutely nothing I could do to make my mother’s death not be difficult.

This is the point of wise decisions. You stay with yourself when life is hard and difficult, or you go unconscious and miss wonderful vibrant moments all along the way. If you deny a hard and difficult reality, you block out everything else that is real. Your defensive wall of energy repeals light, vibrant moments, joy, pain, and love. This is a physical fact as well as a psychological fact.

Did you block out light and love as a child when life was hard without even knowing it? Most children do. This is the reason alternative therapy, emotional health coaching, energy work, and personal growth programs are essential. Working with a skilled professional teaches you how to stop blocking out the love and light that exists around you all the time.

You get much better results in life if you accept reality, accept your emotions and feelings, and love your authentic self each step of the way. The two major psychological problems that occurred when I did not love myself during my mother’s death were feeling guilty and feeling sorry for my mother.

I spent hours with my mother everyday for her last five weeks. Nevertheless, one Sunday, I felt sick, depressed, and miserable. As soon as I realized I felt guilty that I was not doing EVEN more for my mother AND feeling sorry for her, I climbed back out of the pity pit and stopped my self-judgments. You can also develop this life-saving skill to use when you get stuck in judgment and guilt.

My mother left her body Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015. Wow, is all I could say and all I can say. Wow. Conscious dying is as powerful as conscious living. There are intense, rich, deep, vibrant moments all along the way. The next time a loved one is dying, spend quality time with them. Feel them, get to know them without their mask, and trust the process of death just as you trust the process of life.

You will be richer and more alive, I promise.


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