Mental Health Advice: Trust the Truth, Not False Beliefs



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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Trust the Truth.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Where are you stuck?
Can you tell the difference between false beliefs and truth?

Frequently, in holistic psychology sessions with my clients, I sense and feel a woman or man to be in a physical state of energy that is different from where he or she thinks they are. This is the reason it is so reliable and effective to use energy as the basis of the new, holistic psychology. The truth is easy to know when you learn to read and sense the information in physical and emotional energy.

For example, I hear a very harmonious male voice telling me that he is anxious and fearful and had a terrible week. His words do not fit his energy. His mental perception does not match up with his physical and emotional truth.

Or, I hear a woman tell me that she is doing great, everything is fine, and she sounds very depressed and miserable. Her mental perception has no basis in reality. Her energy is down and out, no matter what her thoughts are telling her, or what her words say to me.

In both these cases, the ego energy is reversing reality so the client does not know the truth. The man’s ego energy is telling him a false belief about his success in the hope of keeping him in control. The woman’s ego is telling her a false belief about her lack of success in the hope of keeping her in control.

You are full of false beliefs you learned from religions, governments, and parents. These false beliefs keep you stuck and controlled. You must know the difference between a false belief and the truth if you want to achieve self-esteem, be successful, and enjoy life.

You cannot stand in false beliefs and be successful. Only when you stand in reality can you manifest what you want in life. If you are a psychologist, coach, or therapist you need to know how to read energy so you teach your clients how to read energy. I teach my clients to read energy so they know when their ego is reversing reality and when they are standing in their truth.

Armed with this knowledge, they have the means with which they can become effective and successful. When you discover a reversal of reality that is fooling you, rejoice! You can learn how to break free from your false belief so you stand in your truth.

No matter what your truth is, you move forward immediately becoming stronger and more self-confident.


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