How to Experience Heaven on Earth

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Slow Down and Savor.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

My 10 commandments are quite different from the ones I learned in the
tiny country church where I was instructed on the Right Thing to do based
on the One authority that had all the answers—the Bible. I benefit
from many of the wise lessons in the Bible as well as all the other points
of view in the world.

Here is my alternative, holistic psychology commandment: “Thy shalt
not rush.”

So many people rush through life looking for “the vibrant moment.”
They long for a peak experience, a new “high” and a wondrous moment
of joy. From drugs, to traveling, to staying busy; alas, they do not,
cannot find true happiness anywhere. Indeed, I do my share of looking
for the peak in trees: from fantastically seeking the peak of the red
trees in Vermont, like a mad woman in a rental car, to searching for
the peak cherry blooms in Philadelphia. I miss the moment.

This year, I just missed the glorious peak on the River Drive, bummer.
And, the peak in the Japanese Garden, terrible. And, due to weather
and a scheduled massage, it appears that I will miss the peak in my
Cherry Grove in Fairmount Park. So, taking myself to task, practicing
what I know— I let go of control and relaxed last night.

Boom, vibrant moments are all around me. I had a great night’s sleep,
yummy. I woke up early and am enjoying each moment as I move through
space and write my newsletter to you, my beloved readers. Thank you for
reading me, some of you, for many years. I turn 75 tomorrow and am
grateful I have enjoyed so many vibrant moments through out my life.

Bless you. The more you slow down and savor the moment you are living
in, the more vibrant moments you will have. Rush not through your life
looking for something. You will not be fulfilled. You enjoy the feeling
of being in “heaven on earth” when you stop looking outside yourself.
What you are doing in the moment, washing the dishes, is where you
find true happiness.

Letting go of control and relaxing your physical body is the key.
Become like melted butter becoming one with gravity and the cosmos.
Boom, you enter the giant flow of energy that feels wonderful, whole
and delicious.


STOP RUSHING YOUR BODY!! Your body hears every thought you have and
responds. Your autonomic nervous system cannot relax your muscles if
you rush and scare it with thoughts of what you have to do. Study the
information in the tele-seminar, “Hear Your Body Talking,”
to become more relaxed and in the moment. Your physical body is
reality. One hour, $29.97, money-back guarantee.

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REMOVE GUILT ENERGY: Learn how to say NO to guilt and judgment by
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What is an Emotion? What is a Feeling? Use Energy to Know Truth

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Research Your Emotions.

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher


What is an emotion? What is a feeling?

The misinformation about emotional energy is abundant online. Many websites do not know the difference between a depressed mental state and a true emotion, like sadness. Because of this confusion, medical practitioners quickly give you medication to avoid the natural grief process. The natural grief process is essential for your mental health.

Unfortunately, I have also found incorrect information about emotional energy in research studies conducted by academic people for decades. Researchers do not know the difference, even though psychologist’s studies prove otherwise, that a conditioned response like guilt is learned. Guilt is not an emotion. Guilt is a conditioned response, often used to control you. When you feel guilty do you please others and create resentment? 

Emotions are not learned, they are innate. Yet, positive psychologists tell you that joy is a mind set. All you have to do is choose to be happy. Joy is not a mind set. Joy is an emotion. Emotions are physical. They are real, honest to goddess, energy in motion. Emotions are not rigid and still, they move as soon as you allow yourself to feel them. Research your own emotions and fall in love with your emotional self.

Your emotions have a “mind” of their own. You do not get to choose what you feel. You only get to choose whether or not to feel what is real. What you feel will be based on reality. When you are not in touch with reality, you become anxious. The more you avoid your emotions, the more anxious you become because your emotions are real.

Instead of trying to control your emotions and force them to behave as you want, let their colorful energy take you on exciting journeys into physical and metaphysical realities. Open your solar plexus and heart so you can experience the earth adventures your soul longs for. Allow yourself to experience the emotional energies on planet earth so you can relax and enjoy more vibrant moments.

All emotions are colorful. All colors are equal. All emotions are equal. All emotions are healthy. All colors and emotions are necessary for mental health and well-being. Your emotions operate on the laws of physics.

When you face your real fear of emotional energy, the natural process of transformation automatically takes you to freedom and joy. All you have to do is stop trying to control the outcome. The second hour of “Opening the Heart” is called, “Fear. The pathway to freedom and joy.” Your real fear keeps you safe and sets you free.


RESEARCH YOUR EMOTIONS: Know the truth by learning how to feel the energy difference between your emotions and your learned, conditioned behavior. The Opening the Heart audio teaches you how to recognize these difference energies in the first half hour. Say no to guilt, judgments and mental states. Say yes to your authentic emotions, which lead you to your heart, body and soul energy. When you love your emotional self, vibrant moments are common experiences and bring you great joy, even in your sorrow. Experience heaven on earth as your soul longs to do in everyday life.

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How to Get More by Blessing More with Universal Law

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Bless Often.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Yes, count your blessings and bless that which you want to possess and manifest. Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder of giving thanks. When you give thanks, you grease the pathway to more abundance for yourself.

Since you cannot trump universal laws, it is best to work with them. The blessings law is easy and fun to practice and improve. How often do you curse something instead of blessing it? When you curse, you grease the pathway to deprivation.

Cursing means you find fault with someone, criticize an object, or judge yourself as inferior. In a nutshell, you curse something or someone every time you judge something or someone. The law works so that whatever you give energy to increases.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of blessings to make up for a few curses. So watch what you do, be careful. One thing I tend to curse is development and concrete. Philadelphia is booming once again with rapid development, high rises, and more concrete poured on my beloved grass and trees. It is so hard for me to bless concrete. It really is.

However, without concrete there would be no swimming pool for me to swim in! Or, bridges to cross the river so I can eat Indian food and walk in nature on the beautiful University of Pennsylvania campus. Concrete keeps the city free of flying dirt. Concrete is symbolic of connection, strength, and endurance.

My Thanksgiving blessing: Bless you, oh, magnificent concrete, I love you and what you do. Bless you so I become more like you — connected, stronger, and endurant.

You could spend a lot of time this Thanksgiving being grateful for all the wonderful things you already possess. Count your blessings and write them down on a piece of paper. This will grease your pathway to more abundance.

Then take your blessings out on a walk. Bless everything in sight that you want more of. Blessings work. For example, bless every time you see two people getting along with each other to help you get along better with others.

Let me know what happens when you practice the blessings law. I must give credit to my teacher. I am grateful my mother blessed me and taught me how to bless. Bless you for reading The Vibrant Moment.


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How to Develop Your Intuition by Tuning Out Static

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Develop Your Intuition.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

A reader asks, “How do I fully develop my intuition?”

You may have some idea about what intuition is, but do you really understand it? Let’s define intuition so we know the what, when, where, and how we are talking about.

Some people call intuition “Woo-woo,” magic, or nonsense. Many people think the intuitive self is far inferior to rational thought and brain processing. Currently, we live in the worship-the-brain-above-all-else times. Maybe the times they are a changing?

Some define intuition as an instinct, others say it is a gut feeling. All seem to agree that intuition is knowledge obtained without thinking. Knowing without reason. Facts revealed without conscious thought. No deduction or beliefs involved.

For intuition, you must bypass your brain and go straight to the heart of it. Or the gut of it! This is an important fact to keep in mind when developing your intuition. Your intuitive self lives in your body.

I do not put intuition into the same category as an instinct. Instincts seem more like hardwire. Instincts are reliable, dependable, and you trust them if you want to survive and flourish. Instincts are automatic and obvious unless you work hard to inhibit them. Which some people do, and the result is mental illness and a lack of holistic health.

At this point in our evolution, our intuition is more like software in beta. You have to stop, turn it on, and see if it works. In reality, your intuition is probably “on” all the time, but the volume is so subtle you can easily miss the energy and ignore it. Then when you finally do hear, feel, sense something, the information is fuzzy.

Alas, the information you get may or may not be true. What a mess! Where is this radio station anyway? Do you agree it is not an instinct? However, I predict intuition will become instinctive as we learn to develop and trust the what, where, when, and how of what we are doing.

Ok, so you stop, turn on your intuition and try to get it to work properly. But nothing happens. You don’t get anything you trust. What are you tuning into? Could it be your anxiety and fear? Yes, anxiety interferes and gives you the “wrong” answer. Or, no answer. This happens often in the beginning.

You cannot be intuitive if you are anxious. You may not know you are anxious, but you are. Tension in the body blocks the reception of subtle information. You must remove the irrational anxiety in your body to access your intuitive self. Anxiety is static.

The sound of static on the radio makes it impossible to hear the music and conversation. You must remove your inner static in order to hear your intuitive self speaking. You cannot receive the answers that are always there and always available with static in your nervous system. You tune into your static instead of your intuition.

So, the first thing you must do is calm your nervous system, relax your muscles, and reduce your anxiety. Only then can you hear your inner voice, the same divine voice that Socrates, called daimonion.

Your instinctive self is an extremely valuable resource. So, I will continue spelling out the benefits and development of your intuition next week.


MEET YOUR INTUITIVE SELF: In the arms of Mother Nature it is easier to find your intuitive self. Especially if you have a guide gently showing you how to move pass your static so you hear the clear tones inside of you. Have fun meeting your intuitive self at a Nature Workshop with a small group of intuition seekers. Near NYC and Philadelphia. Spend the lovely fall weekend in New Hope, PA. October 24, 11:00-5:00, $200.00, six openings left.

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How to Overcome Perfectionism? Stop Anxiety From Ruining Your Life!

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Chaos is Not Dangerous.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Do you want to be perfect?
Do you find fault with people who are slow or unsure?

Perhaps you have an inner critic called “Ms. Perfect” or “Mr. Never Satisfied.” Perfectionism is a serious upper class mental health problem. Even the middle and lower classes can think being perfect has it virtues. A la the White Picket Fence Envy Syndrome of those living outside the perfect house where the perfect family live with the perfect kids and perfect jobs.

Perfect people cannot let go of control and experience colors, feelings, and emotions. Therefore, if you try to be perfect you do not enjoy vibrant moments, playful lovemaking, and heart-felt happiness. Being spontaneous, free, and joyful are rare events if you spend your time trying to be perfect.

Trying to be perfect makes you anxious and keeps you controlled. Since you are afraid of doing something wrong and bad, you severely inhibit your body and how it moves. This causes mental illness, sleepless nights, boredom, and physical diseases. Notice how much energy being perfect consumes.

Early in my career I discovered that perfect people were always afraid that if they let go of control they would be out of control. Perhaps you also need to know that when you let go of control you are not automatically in an out of control state. You may feel out of control since you are not used to chaos. Chaos is a period of time where you experience being a mess or making a mess.

If you do not have a mess or become a mess, from time to time, then you are stuck in a tiny perfect place of rigidity. Messes are part of the natural process of transformation. Chaos is not an out of control state. It is a necessary state you must accept, if you want to be successful in personal growth and make dramatic changes in your life.

Note what the scientist credited with discovering Chaos Theory, Edward Lorenz, called his paper in 1972: “Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?” Indeed it could and more. Chaos fuels personal growth, change, and transformation.

Some of you may be familiar with the ongoing story of the man in North Carolina on the CBS Evening News who is dying and finding deep meaning and purpose to his life. In March, 2015, we learned that he had tested the “butterfly effect” to see if one act of kindness in a North Carolina restaurant could go around the world. His act of kindness reached Africa.

What about you? What do you set off when you flap your wings or break free? What happens when you stop controlling yourself and create a mess? What are the results of not washing the dishes and making love instead?

We know from Chaos Theory that Mother Nature does indeed know what she is doing. Disorder, just like feeling your emotions, moves into order naturally on its own. It is safe to let go of control and enjoy the natural flow of your energy. Your natural energy flow gives you peak experiences and makes you physically stronger and mentally healthier.

On the other hand, being out of control is dangerous. Flying mental energy bolting around without awareness is dangerous. When your energy is not grounded, you are out of control. This means you need to quickly get back in your body and ground your energy so you do not hurt yourself or others.

Chaos is not dangerous. Chaos is part of nature and obeys natural laws. Go ahead and let go of control. Enjoy being an artist and free spirit, make a mess and reap the benefits of being creative and happy.


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Personal Growth Tip: Write Your Way to Better Mental Health

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Write to Know More.

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

I love Tesla. Maybe it is because he was never a good businessman and suffered greatly from his genus! I learned to feel sorry for people, just like everyone else, and his story of being so alone, and so poor, in NYC, with only pigeons as friends, breaks my heart.

Compare Nikola Tesla with Thomas Edison who was a great businessman. Tesla was by and far the greatest genius; Edison was by and far the greatest businessman. Edison lived in his Florida mansion on the waterfront, side by side, with Henry Ford. Ah, another businessman, and they both had wives.

What do we learn from these successful business men? It pays to be connected to people. Partnering with others is the way to profit from your ideas. But even more important than profits is your mental health. You must be connected to other people in some real, honest way in order to be mentally healthy.

So? From this moment on, I am not going to feel sorry for creative geniuses, ever again. Nope! Done, will drop that one like a hot potato!

Notice, how I shifted my mental health position, in the brief course of writing this newsletter to you? I did not even know I felt sorry for Tesla until I wrote the first paragraph. This is the reason writing is such a powerful transformational tool. Writing, without thinking, increases awareness.

From now on, I will love creative geniuses, learn from them, and stop feeling sorry for them. Instead, I will stop judging, and yes, I also noticed from writing this newsletter, that I have been judging men like Edison and Ford who were excellent businessmen.

It appears I had a false belief Edison “took advantage” of other people by making so much money, while poor Tesla suffered through life being misunderstood by all. Did I unconsciously think Edison was a bully and Tesla was a Martyr? It appears so.

Tesla could have learned how to get along with others! Yes, he could have learned to form healthy relationships with people who had good business minds. He could have been more open and loving toward possible partners of either sex. He could have enjoyed many true friends, instead of just Mark Twain.

If you do not feel connected to others, learn how to relate equally to children and adults. Get the relationships skills education needed to empower yourself so you can relax and be yourself with others. Good mental health is worth your time, money, and effort.

Start writing, without thinking, for increased awareness of what is hiding in your unconscious. It is so much fun to bring the truth up to your conscious mind.


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Metaphysical Law: Bless What You Want and Need to Manifest Goal.

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Bless Your Heart.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


My mother signed every card she sent me with “Bless you.” Sometimes, it was even “God bless you.” As a young psychologist, I did not like her religious tones and words. I threw her blessings into the trash in my Center City, Philadelphia home with irritation and disapproval.

As an older, wiser, holistic psychologist I write “Bless you.” and “Bless your heart” at the end of some of my emails. My 86-year-old mother has heard me say many times to her in the last decade, “Thank you mother for blessing me all those years. It finally paid off!”

“Mother, I am so grateful for your blessings. You are so smart. How did you know blessing me was the thing to do?” Mother gently replies, “I don’t know, I just knew to bless you and all that I love.”

Indeed. How wise my mother was and is. She still blesses me in each phone call and encounter we have. It is one of the many things I will miss when she passes. Her ever presence love and blessings will be sorely missed.

Huna psychology from Hawaii also teaches the power of blessing. Whatever you bless increases. This increase occurs because you give positive energy to that which you bless. There may be some other metaphysics magic that occurs that I do not know about, but I know for sure blessing something empowers me and that which I bless.

Try it yourself. If you want more money, bless those that are rich. Bless money in any and all forms. Bless paper money, real estate, stocks, and gold. Bless money to get more money. Notice if you judge and curse the rich. Cursing simply means that good old fashion disapproval I blasted upon my mother’s blessings.

I used to also curse money and the rich. My disapproval of money blocked me from having a good relationship with money. Finally, after years of rejecting money, I am close and loving with money. What a shift and what a joy to be in harmony with money!

Bless anything you want to receive. Bless healthy people to become healthy. Bless loving couples to become more loving. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to remind you to use the power of blessing. Bless all that you love and want.

Start by blessing the Native American people for giving life and food to white man when he landed upon their shores.


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Energy and Light Therapy for Winter Blues and Grey Days


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More snow? Get out and enjoy it!




Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Light Energy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Feeling blue? Sad?  Grey?
Is the weather affecting your energy level?

Hanging out with family members this week in sunny Colorado, we were sharing the effects and benefits sunlight has on us. Usually Colorado, USA is sunny in the winter except when it is snowing.

However, with all the current unusual weather patterns, Glenwood Springs, CO had been cloudy for 6 days and nights.  Boo hoo.  As a result of the clouds, I did not get to directly experience one of my favorite activities: cross-country skiing in the moonlight.

Another consequence of the sixth cloudy day in Glenwood was no one in my Colorado family was energetic, except the 2 and 5 year olds, who were running around the living room as usual.  Everyone else was sitting close to the windows, drinking tea and reading their computers.

What about you? Have you been feeling blue, sad or depressed this winter?  Is your energy level low? Have you been staying indoors too long? Are you light deprived?

Notice your mood, emotions and energy levels. When you feel sad, take note of the light in your life.  Light comes from the sun but the sun is not the only source for the healthy vibrations you need to feel better, stronger and more alive.  Light is energy and everything has energy.

If you pay attention, you can notice what has more energy and light and what has less energy and light.  For example, look at the books on your bookshelf.  Some books have more light than others. Toss out or give away the heavy, dark, dense books. If you do, you are sure to feel lighter. For even more light, reread a wonderful book full of light.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person, you are probably more affected by low light than the average person.  As a HSP you also have a higher probability of feeling the light energy that does or does not exist in the world around you.  Why not put your sensitive nature to work to help you become more aware of the amount of light and energy in the world around you?

Even if you are not a Highly Sensitive Person, you can increase your ability to sense light and energy.  Keep practicing by taking a look at your thoughts and see which ones have less light. Those negative, heavy, dark thoughts need to be tossed!  See which thoughts bring more light into your world and pay attention to these higher vibrations more often.

Do not stay stuck in feeling grey and depressed.  After you become aware of what has more light and energy, take appropriate action. Do that which brings more light and energy into your world.


HIGHLY SENSITIVE? If you are a HSP and do not fully trust your feelings, senses and intuition read and study the special report, “7 Steps to Success as a Highly Sensitive Person.” Learn what you need to unlearn so that you can fully use your HSP gift to your advantage.  31 page PDF file, $19.97.

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Personal Growth Tip: Wake Up to Your Human Potential With Relaxation


Jump into the water! Jump into Life!


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Big Island Beach, Sunset, 2013


The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Get Unstuck.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Definition of Stuck: Not moving forward. Living a mundane and ordinary life. No passion and joy.

Do you work, eat, sleep and repeat the same behaviors day after day? If so, you are going through your life without feelings and emotions.  This means you are stuck in an ordinary and mundane life.

This phrase, “ordinary and mundane,” is taken from Dr. Charles Tart’s book, Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential, which I read in the late 1980s.  “The Vibrant Moment” exists to help you wake up and do a whole lot more than just get through your day.

How Awake and Alive Are You?

It is possible that ordinary consciousness may feel normal for you because you have not experienced anything else in so long you have forgotten the delicious extraordinary feelings you were born with.  Therefore, you may not be aware that you are living the moments of your life without passion, fire and joy.

On the other hand, perhaps you have enjoyed vibrant moments, peak performances and peak experiences from time to time.  However, stress and anxiety have unconsciously taken over your waking life.  As a result, you have settled back down into ordinary consciousness without even knowing it.

Or maybe you are grieving a great loss.  It is easy to get stuck in the grieving progress and become depressed instead of moving forward.  You may have dropped down out of ordinary mundane consciousness into a deeper level of depression.

Whatever the reason, you may be stuck in routine living, depression and anxiety without even knowing you are stuck in the daily grind of the walking dead.

To have more vibrant moments, you need to know when, where, how and why you are stuck.  To know when you are stuck, you have to increase your awareness. To increase your awareness, you need outside feedback that gives you some degree of objective data.

This means you need many different kinds of feedback systems that alert you to where your mental health, emotional security and body awareness are at any given moment in time.  I use mentors, groups and holistic health practitioners to wake me up and notify me that I have gotten stuck in the ordinary and mundane.  I also have my own daily feedback barometers.

Use Daily Activities to Notice When You Are Stuck

Just getting through a swim is not the same thing as enjoying a swim.  As a swimmer, I use how I feel and how much I enjoy my swim as a barometer of my state of being in the world.  I have many different kinds of swimming experiences.  Each swimming experience gives me concrete feedback about my consciousness and state of being alive.

There is the:
1. Delicious, flowing through the sensuous water with my whole body swim
2. Enjoyable, relaxing swim, where the mind is quiet and still
3. Fun, playful, feel good swim, where there is no thinking
4. Mean and lean exercise swim
5.  So-so swim, where the thoughts distracted me more than not.
6.  Did I even swim? swim, where my brain was in charge

I love swimming so much I don’t have a bad swim or a boring swim. But you may want to add bad and boring along with other specific qualities to your own feedback list.

Create Your Own Aliveness Feedback Barometer

To create your own Aliveness Barometer, think about some experience you do daily or several times a week.  For example, if you take walks, you can use your walking experiences. Make a list of all the difference kinds of walks you have.  Describe your walks honestly so that you can use each walk to increase your awareness of how present, alive and vibrant you are in the moment.

Then use your feedback to become more awake and alive.  If your feedback tells you that you are stuck in the ordinary and mundane, this means you are anxious. The less you enjoy something, the more anxious you are.

To correct the problem you need to begin to feel your body more and feel your emotions more. These two sensory experiences will start to bring more life energy into
your daily grind.

You only have one life to live. Get unstuck and allow more passion, joy and excitement into your precious moments. Reduce your anxiety and relax your body so you can perceive
the colors that are always dancing and playing around you before it is too late.

Peak performances, peak experiences and vibrant moments do not happen by accident. They happen because you show up and allow yourself to be in your body and emotions in physical reality. They happen because you reduce your anxiety and
relax into your body.

Please share your thoughts, feelings and feedback about body awareness, emotional expression and peak performances below.


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Personal Development Tip: Study Metaphysics for Peak Performance, Success, Holistic Health and Happiness

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The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Use Metaphysics
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Live at the Edge:


What kind of experiences have you had in your life that you would put into the metaphysical category?

Readers of “The Vibrant Moment” ranked metaphysics as the second-most desirable topic to know more about, just behind physics.  Currently, metaphysics is very difficult to define.  After all, this entire area of study has changed dramatically since the Greeks first defined it at a time in history when Zeus ruled the world with thunder bolts.

Metaphysics used to be a central part of academic inquiry and scholarly education even before the age of Aristotle, who considered it “the Queen of Sciences.”  Metaphysics was equal in importance to the subjects of physical science, medicine, mathematics, poetry and music.

And my, how things have changed. Poetry and music are not taught at many of our schools across the country in USA and neither is metaphysics.  It seems that many academic types currently look down their nose at that which they cannot see.

However, since Albert Einstein’s Metaphysics of Relativity, wise people have expanded their consciousness to include the many new realities that had previously been unseen and unknown.  As a result, that which was once metaphysics is now considered to be part of physics.

So, even though many in the traditional scientific community would like you to continue to deny, depress and ignore these realities, it is not in your best interest to do so.  If you want to be happy and healthy, you need to value and honor any personal experiences you have had that cannot be explained by the current rigid, outdated scientific paradigm.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to studying and following the laws of metaphysics.

A person who successfully uses the laws of metaphysics will experience:

– Improved self-esteem and self-confidence.
– Healthier relationships to other people, plants and objects.
– The joy of attracting more money.
– Choosing goals that feel good.
– Reaching goals that satisfy.

So how would I define metaphysics?  The realities that exist and have always existed since time out of mind. The realities that the ancient Greeks knew more about than humans in 2012.

The subtle realities that you can and will become conscious of as you open your hearts, bodies and minds to that which is all around you.  Join the thrilling journey into these new realities that exist inside of you and outside of you at all times every minute of everyday.


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