How to Experience Heaven on Earth

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Slow Down and Savor.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

My 10 commandments are quite different from the ones I learned in the
tiny country church where I was instructed on the Right Thing to do based
on the One authority that had all the answers—the Bible. I benefit
from many of the wise lessons in the Bible as well as all the other points
of view in the world.

Here is my alternative, holistic psychology commandment: “Thy shalt
not rush.”

So many people rush through life looking for “the vibrant moment.”
They long for a peak experience, a new “high” and a wondrous moment
of joy. From drugs, to traveling, to staying busy; alas, they do not,
cannot find true happiness anywhere. Indeed, I do my share of looking
for the peak in trees: from fantastically seeking the peak of the red
trees in Vermont, like a mad woman in a rental car, to searching for
the peak cherry blooms in Philadelphia. I miss the moment.

This year, I just missed the glorious peak on the River Drive, bummer.
And, the peak in the Japanese Garden, terrible. And, due to weather
and a scheduled massage, it appears that I will miss the peak in my
Cherry Grove in Fairmount Park. So, taking myself to task, practicing
what I know— I let go of control and relaxed last night.

Boom, vibrant moments are all around me. I had a great night’s sleep,
yummy. I woke up early and am enjoying each moment as I move through
space and write my newsletter to you, my beloved readers. Thank you for
reading me, some of you, for many years. I turn 75 tomorrow and am
grateful I have enjoyed so many vibrant moments through out my life.

Bless you. The more you slow down and savor the moment you are living
in, the more vibrant moments you will have. Rush not through your life
looking for something. You will not be fulfilled. You enjoy the feeling
of being in “heaven on earth” when you stop looking outside yourself.
What you are doing in the moment, washing the dishes, is where you
find true happiness.

Letting go of control and relaxing your physical body is the key.
Become like melted butter becoming one with gravity and the cosmos.
Boom, you enter the giant flow of energy that feels wonderful, whole
and delicious.


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Mentor and author of Opening the Heart

How to Stop Addictive Behaviors


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Have fun!
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

After studying the psychological dynamics causing addictive behavior
since 1976, I suspect that the root cause has been found. If you want
to lose weight, stop impulsive buying, no longer need legal or
illegal drugs, the solution is to have more fun. Yes, it appears that
people become addicted to “treating” themselves to unhealthy
behaviors because they are not allowing themselves to experience
enough pleasure in everyday life.

Wow, isn’t that wonderful? How delightful it is to give yourself
permission to add more genuine fun and pleasure to each day so that
you do not need to sneak your fun and pleasure in the back door. When
you feel deprived because your Inner Critic is making you wrong for
not working all the time, you become addicted to unhealthy things,
like food, drugs and gambling. Sex addiction would also be included
because sex addicts do not really enjoy the fantastic pleasure that
true lovemaking gives your whole body and soul.

So, my dear readers, please make sure you give yourself enough fun
and pleasure each day. Your emotional self needs fun; your body needs
pleasure. Create a holistic healthy practice each morning before you
get out of bed. Check in with what your emotional self and body need
to make you happy and satisfied.

If you do not have a loving relationship with your emotional self,
the Opening the Heart audio series is an effective guide. If you do
not have a loving relationship with your body, the Overcome Anxiety
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reduces anxiety and depression.


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Mentor and author of Opening the Heart

How to Open Your Mind for Better Relationships

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Open Your Mind.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


How often do you accept something new into your mind? An open mind is clear; therefore, effective. Clear thinking means you do not block out information or ideas that challenge you. You welcome a different point of view.

A reader of The Vibrant Moment sent me an interesting, humorous challenge to my constant psychological use of the word judgment. She even introduces a new concept piggybacking on an old one.

As you read her comments, think for yourself about the word judgment, how words control you, and the importance of logical, clear thinking.

Marcia Spires, an accomplished NYC editor, speaks for herself:

“I’m a long-time Doris fan and language arbiter who doesn’t want words (or ideas) to get muddled. (Here, I am advocating for the positive meanings of “judging.”)

“I’ve been meaning to write to you since your “judging the concrete” article. It’s taken me a while to sort out my thoughts and gut reactions. You were so down on yourself for “judging” the city concrete. And the PC (psychologically correct) stance these days seems to be that “judging,” or disliking, anything is forbidden. Why? To show that we’re open-minded, I gather. Or to prove that we’re loftily indifferent to whatever crosses our path, with no opinions, pro or con? That doesn’t sound so positive, put in that light. It almost hints of “dissociation,” doesn’t it? Or “loss of affect.” Both are big no-no’s, I thought.

Anyway, I squish a bit internally (couldn’t find a better description) whenever I come across what seems like a misuse of a very useful word. What is “wrong” with noticing, assessing, and responding to something? That’s how I define “judging.” Personally, I don’t think it’s a law that we have to “like” everything we encounter. Or that it’s healthy to “accept” everything. (My, aren’t I the little rebel!) We get to pick and choose. And “judging” is the method we use.

Anyway, you got to the real nitty-gritty (no pun intended) when you differentiated between the gritty concrete under your feet (ugh) and the fine bridges and highways that make urban life feasible (smile). That’s what I call making realistic “judgments.” Assessing all factors.

In good humor,
Marcia Spires

Here is a link to The Vibrant Moment issue Marcia was referring to: “How to Get More by Blessing More with Universal Law”:

Please share your responses to Marcia’s comments with me via email.

Words do matter. Words definitely control us. I am very picky about words and often help clients change how they talk to themselves to get different results. Pay attention to the words you say to yourself and how they affect you and effect you.

Marcia is correct about the first definition of judgment. Sound judgments are extremely important; they make your life easier and richer. Use your brain to make clear judgments that lead you to success. Be rational and logical so your mind is effective.

Next week I will discuss the type of judgments that hurt you and make you anxious, as well as the universal law I want you to understand so you can use it to your advantage.

This week, think new thoughts, keep your mind open, and be creative. Avoid obsessive thoughts, closed minds, and the ordinary. Disagree and let others disagree.


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How to Feel Happy and Say Wow More Often

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Experience Wow Often.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

When was the last time you said, “Wow!” out loud?
When was the last time someone else said, “Wow!” to you?

This is the first thing one of my current clients has been saying for the last few months when we connect on the phone. “Wow!” Her life is certainly not boring, mundane, or ordinary. What about yours?

The Vibrant Moment exists to make sure your life is not boring, mundane, or ordinary. When you are here on planet earth you have the opportunity to have lots of exciting adventures. Sometimes reality is hard and difficult but if you stay in your natural flow, you become stronger and wiser after the hard times.

Regular readers know my mother passed away last winter after about a year of sickness. I mention my life experiences from time to time to help you see how real people live in the flow. While staying in the hard times is difficult when you are grieving or in pain, know that when you get out of the hard times you will experience joy again.

After my exciting, loving, body awareness Nature Workshop this past weekend, I have been walking around my house rubbing my hands together because I am so excited. “Wow!” pops out of my mouth every few minutes. My energy has returned! I finally have some pep!

Awareness is such that you do not notice you are missing something until you get it. I knew I did not have much energy, grieving was using it all up. However, I did not know how ungrounded I was. I was trusting I would move through my grief and get my energy back. And … that is just what happened.

After working in the forest this week-end with a group of caring, open people, my legs are back to sturdy and strong. I have not felt this strong since I rushed to NC to be with my sick mother a year and a half ago. Honestly, the power I feel in my legs may be greater than before.

For sure, my joyful energy has returned and I feel good all over. Of course, my grieving is not over, but this difficult passage in my life has turned a corner. Now I am enjoying the benefits of transformation that come with grieving the loss of a loved one. More of me is present and available for healthy living and vibrant moments.

For you, stay with yourself wherever you are and trust your natural process. If you are in hard times, you will be back to experiencing “Wow!” soon. Just let go of trying to control anything or anyone and more of you will soon be present and available.

Keep the faith. Get grounded and enjoy the moment — whatever it is.


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How to Use Your Intuition by Slowing Down

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Your Intuition.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Last week I gave you a working definition of intuition and explained the importance of tuning out anxiety so you can tune into your clear, intuitive voice. Read it here if you missed it:

A famous psychologist, Milton Erickson and his wife had an effective way of finding lost objects such as their keys. They sat down and tuned into their intuition to discover where their body put the keys. After all, your body knows where you put the keys even if your brain does not remember.

Really get what this means. Yes, your body knows and you cannot remember. Your body knows. This is the reason all my products, courses, and workshops help you get into your body and live in your body. Feeling your body is the only way to access the valuable information that your body knows that you do not.

The benefits of developing your intuition and using it in your daily life are endless. Credit card companies have a category called lost in the house. Sometimes I have been successful finding my credit card with the Ericksons’ approach so I do not have to call the lost in the house department. Just imagine how helpful it would be if you were able to know, instead of deduct, reality.

Would you like to improve your holistic health? Some medical intuitives are as accurate as an MRI. In addition, medical intuitives can see problems in areas where no medical test currently exists. Your body knows what is going on, within and without, its borders. Don’t think for a minute that it does not!

What kind of relationship do you have with your body? Your body does not lie, confuse you, or manipulate you. You can learn how to hear what your body is saying. Your body knows you much better than any outside person or test. My body even remembers where I put my credit card when I do not! What is there not to love, trust, and use?

The bottom-line is you have probably already used your intuition much more than you admit to yourself. Consider those wonderful moments when everything seems to go your way. The parking space that you need is there. The door opens and you walk through with ease.

Yes, your intuition gives you what you desire. So, sit down and give your intuition more conscious attention. The next time you lose something, take it for a test drive. However, do not expect your intuition to be perfect anymore than any other way of knowing. You are human.

Do not let your mistakes and imperfections stop you from learning how to develop and trust the information you receive. Just know that the answer you receive may or may not be truth. Let the information move and do not try to control reality.


USE YOUR INTUITIVE SELF: Safe in the arms of Mother Nature it is easier to access and use your intuitive self. Especially if you have a guide gently showing you how to move past your anxiety so you hear the clear tones inside of you. Have fun playing with your intuitive self at a Nature Workshop with a small group of intuition seekers. Near NYC and Philadelphia. Come for the day or spend the fall weekend in New Hope, PA. October 24, 11:00-5:00, $200.00, five openings left.

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How to Follow Your Heart and Find Peace

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Seek Peace.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

A reader asks, “What do I need to feel more at peace?”

A pause and a wonder.

That is a short answer arriving instantly from my intuitive poet. Let’s explore the holistic psychology dynamics of finding peace to see how close my little poetic phrase is to the longer version.

Peace is a state where all is well. You do not have to jump up and do something. You are ok and your world is ok. When you feel peace you are enough and your world is enough. You are in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. I love feeling peace, tis a delicious, deep, vibrant moment.

The opposite of peace is war, conflict, fighting, confusion, and distress. Conflict, fighting, confusion, and distress are caused by a brain that is never satisfied. A brain that finds fault with its world. A brain that does not allow you to experience reality. This never satisfied part of you is sure to make you unhappy and drive others away.

From your question I assume that you are in conflict. This means different parts of you are at war. The war may be hopelessly futile, meaning no one ever wins. Unfortunately, this is the conflict the brain often puts you in — a lose-lose situation. A lose-lose mental state is irrational. If you try to please the irrational part of you, you often feel crazy because it is impossible to please an irrational brain.

For example, the irrational brain loves to call you lazy. So, you jump up and try to please the brain so it does not call you lazy. After you do what the brain told you to do, the brain does not say, “Great job, that is wonderful. You are wonderful. You are enough.” Instead it says, “You didn’t finish the job, you didn’t do this enough or that enough. You didn’t do it the right way.”

Alas, you are still lazy or stupid or crazy or selfish. You always will be, and never can you get out of the irrational lose-lose situation your brain puts you in, until you get out of your brain. The pathway to peace is to exit the conflict you are in. Since there are no winners in this war, letting go of trying to please an irrational master is smart.

Instead, listen to your heart and follow your heart. Your heart is a wonderful master: loving and kind, gentle and strong. Let your heart lead the way and peace is what you find. You will also enjoy good mental health and enough time to play, make love, and have lots of vibrant moments. A compassionate heart is peaceful and patient.

To find your compassionate heart, you must open your heart. To open your heart go inside and take a look. There you may find your inner conflicts covering up your lovely heart. These are the conflicts you must heal, forgive, and transform in order to be at peace. There is no magic, you must do the personal growth needed to heal, forgive, and transform this dense energy out and away from you.

The secret is to find your emotional self who must be protected from the crazy lose-lose situation you are constantly putting her in. Only when you are safe from your judgment can you experience peace and harmony instead of conflict and disharmony.

There is sanity in the real world. The war between your brain and heart is real and one will win, every single time, every single moment of your day. Only one can be your master. You get to choose.

A pause and a wonder. Stop, feel, and be in awe of what you find, the precious one that is you.


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Personal Growth Tip: Write Your Way to Better Mental Health

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Write to Know More.

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

I love Tesla. Maybe it is because he was never a good businessman and suffered greatly from his genus! I learned to feel sorry for people, just like everyone else, and his story of being so alone, and so poor, in NYC, with only pigeons as friends, breaks my heart.

Compare Nikola Tesla with Thomas Edison who was a great businessman. Tesla was by and far the greatest genius; Edison was by and far the greatest businessman. Edison lived in his Florida mansion on the waterfront, side by side, with Henry Ford. Ah, another businessman, and they both had wives.

What do we learn from these successful business men? It pays to be connected to people. Partnering with others is the way to profit from your ideas. But even more important than profits is your mental health. You must be connected to other people in some real, honest way in order to be mentally healthy.

So? From this moment on, I am not going to feel sorry for creative geniuses, ever again. Nope! Done, will drop that one like a hot potato!

Notice, how I shifted my mental health position, in the brief course of writing this newsletter to you? I did not even know I felt sorry for Tesla until I wrote the first paragraph. This is the reason writing is such a powerful transformational tool. Writing, without thinking, increases awareness.

From now on, I will love creative geniuses, learn from them, and stop feeling sorry for them. Instead, I will stop judging, and yes, I also noticed from writing this newsletter, that I have been judging men like Edison and Ford who were excellent businessmen.

It appears I had a false belief Edison “took advantage” of other people by making so much money, while poor Tesla suffered through life being misunderstood by all. Did I unconsciously think Edison was a bully and Tesla was a Martyr? It appears so.

Tesla could have learned how to get along with others! Yes, he could have learned to form healthy relationships with people who had good business minds. He could have been more open and loving toward possible partners of either sex. He could have enjoyed many true friends, instead of just Mark Twain.

If you do not feel connected to others, learn how to relate equally to children and adults. Get the relationships skills education needed to empower yourself so you can relax and be yourself with others. Good mental health is worth your time, money, and effort.

Start writing, without thinking, for increased awareness of what is hiding in your unconscious. It is so much fun to bring the truth up to your conscious mind.


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Color Therapy is an Effective, Drug Free Depression Treatment

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Color Therapy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


What color do you need the most?

As a highly sensitive person with a great deal of emotional intelligence, I tune into colors more than any other vibrations. Give me the right color and I will follow you anywhere! Or, buy anything from you. Yes, I walk away from many products due to the boring colors offered.

What about you? Do you resonate with color? Or perhaps, you do not even notice the colors you wear, the colors you see, or the colors you need? Colors can brighten up your world and add MORE than spice to your life.

With the cold weather still hanging around here on the East coast, you may need encouragement to give up your depressed winter energy. To give up your depression you must take action on something healthy and vibrant to get your energy moving. Color Therapy is a lovely way to get your energy excited.

The Benefits of Color Therapy are:

1.  Adds vital energy to your brain and body
2.  Breaks up negative, stagnant energy
3.  Replaces anxiety and depression
4.  Feels good, makes you and your cells happy
5.  Reduces physical pain
6.  Relieves emotional pain
7.  No negative side effects

Color Therapy Exercise

Close your eyes and ask your body what color it needs. See what color comes to you. You may see the needed color streaming through your inner vision, hear the name of the color spoken out loud, or maybe your intuitive self gives you the information in yet another format.

If no color seems to stand out, use white. White has all the colors in it and is always a safe bundle of vibrations to use in Color Therapy. Anyway, once you start to do Color Therapy exercises the colors may change on you. This is normal, let your Intuitive Self be in charge. You cannot think or deduct your way to increased healthy energy.

Take three deep, belly breaths to relax and slow down your brain and nervous system. Make your breaths slow and deep, like you did when you were a baby, without thinking about what you are doing. Three deep breaths are enough to get you in Alpha brain waves.

With your eyes still closed, visualize the color your body says it needs in a small cloud in front of your eyes. Slowly breathe in the cloud of color into your nose and send it down to the bottom of your spine. Hold your breath for a few seconds while at the bottom of your spine. Next, slowly exhale the color cloud. Notice what color the cloud is when it leaves your body.

The color you need and how clear the color is when it comes out gives you helpful information about your health and wellness.


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Color Therapy: The Power of Pink for Personal Growth

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Fall in love with pink.





The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Wear Pink.
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


How do you feel around pink?
Does pink attract you or repel you?

In 2006, a small county jail in Texas started using pink. They dressed their inmates in pink jumpsuits and made them sleep on pink sheets and wear pink slippers. Even the walls and the bars of the cells were painted pink.

“I wanted to stop reoffenders,” the sheriff of Mason County, Clint Low, told the Associated Press. The pink jumpsuits were intended to act as a deterrent and stop inmates returning to jail, the pink walls were intended to calm tempers at the cramped prison.

The sheriff reported that the reoffending rate was down by 70% since he introduced the pink regime. He added that there have been no fights among inmates since the walls were painted pink. According to the sheriff, the men did not like pink so they behaved themselves to avoid the pink in the jail.

No fights? Amazing. Pink stops violence? Wow! Do these results make you stop and consider the power of pink? Most women, not all, but most, are comfortable wearing pink.

Pink is a heart color. Pink makes us feel good all over because we feel loved. We love pink and enjoy being around pink. Sensitive men are usually comfortable around pink and can wear pink with self-confidence. But your typical male or criminal does not often show up wearing beautiful shades of pink.

Perhaps the sheriff’s reason the pink jail had such a powerful effect on his criminals is incorrect. Maybe being around all that pink energy and pink vibrations actually changed how these men felt about their feelings, authentic emotions, and loving heart. Maybe the pink in the jail actually transformed these criminals into better citizens.

After all, in regular life, men are not allowed to wear, love, and enjoy pink. Men are taught to avoid pink and never be soft and tender. Pink is female, girly, and gay. Could it be that spending time in the presence of pink vibrations transformed these men into better citizens because their emotional vibrations changed?

I suspect the men enjoyed being hugged all over by the loving heart, pink energy. Yummy. A follow up study is certainly needed to see if these men changed their relationship to pink. Then we could discover the real reason these men did not want to break the law and be mean anymore.

In any case, check out the power of pink for yourself.


COLOR THERAPY: Love is pink and blue. Both blue and pink have loving vibrations. This home study course, “Energize Your Mind-Body With Color And Sound,” is a great introduction to using color therapy. The six primary colors are paired with sound and body movements to help you get more energy and different vibrations in your body and energy field. Learn which colors you are avoiding and which ones you need. It is playful and fun. Use alone, in color therapy groups, or with children. PDF format, 40 pages, $19.97.

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Let the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll Inspire Your Creativity



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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Welcome a Mistake.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

Do you judge your mistakes?

I never knew Memphis, Tennessee, USA was such a musical, interesting and exciting place. Last week I wrote about Memphis as the birthplace of the Blues:

Well, did you know that Memphis is also the birthplace of rock and roll? It appears that when black music truly met white music as an equal, there was a rock and a roll! This meeting of the two cultures occurred in the Mississippi Delta.

In 1951, the very first recording of rock and roll was created in Sun Studio in Memphis. There is a plaque on the building making it official from the US government designating Sun Studio as a National Historic Landmark. Sam Phillips was a white man looking for a new sound, any new sound to record in his new recording studio.

Up comes Ike Turner’s band (yes the same Ike who later married Tina Turner) on their way to Sun Studio. The band’s car broke down and their amp fell out and broke. Using a newspaper to stuff the amp back together, they reached the studio.

Sam recorded the band playing and singing, “Rocket 88.” Featuring Jackie Brenston on lead vocals and the newspaper-repaired amp, the first rock and roll record was created on that fateful day in Sun Studio.

The band’s car accident probably helped them break loose and sing more freely. The paper distorted the music just enough to make it interesting to Sam. And the world had a new music to rock and roll their body to.

 What can you learn from this?

Welcome mistakes and accidents. Take advantage of the unexpected. Creativity is a wonderful, existing, fun experience. Add some new sounds and new body movements to your life today.

Cook something new tonight for dinner.
Walk a different path to work.
Drive a different road to your friend’s house.
Plan a new adventure for an upcoming holiday.
Sit down and do nothing.

Break loose from your rigidity, routines and habits. Do something differently than you ever have before. Being creative will give you a vibrant moment or two to enjoy.


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