Color Therapy is an Effective, Drug Free Depression Treatment

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Color Therapy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


What color do you need the most?

As a highly sensitive person with a great deal of emotional intelligence, I tune into colors more than any other vibrations. Give me the right color and I will follow you anywhere! Or, buy anything from you. Yes, I walk away from many products due to the boring colors offered.

What about you? Do you resonate with color? Or perhaps, you do not even notice the colors you wear, the colors you see, or the colors you need? Colors can brighten up your world and add MORE than spice to your life.

With the cold weather still hanging around here on the East coast, you may need encouragement to give up your depressed winter energy. To give up your depression you must take action on something healthy and vibrant to get your energy moving. Color Therapy is a lovely way to get your energy excited.

The Benefits of Color Therapy are:

1.  Adds vital energy to your brain and body
2.  Breaks up negative, stagnant energy
3.  Replaces anxiety and depression
4.  Feels good, makes you and your cells happy
5.  Reduces physical pain
6.  Relieves emotional pain
7.  No negative side effects

Color Therapy Exercise

Close your eyes and ask your body what color it needs. See what color comes to you. You may see the needed color streaming through your inner vision, hear the name of the color spoken out loud, or maybe your intuitive self gives you the information in yet another format.

If no color seems to stand out, use white. White has all the colors in it and is always a safe bundle of vibrations to use in Color Therapy. Anyway, once you start to do Color Therapy exercises the colors may change on you. This is normal, let your Intuitive Self be in charge. You cannot think or deduct your way to increased healthy energy.

Take three deep, belly breaths to relax and slow down your brain and nervous system. Make your breaths slow and deep, like you did when you were a baby, without thinking about what you are doing. Three deep breaths are enough to get you in Alpha brain waves.

With your eyes still closed, visualize the color your body says it needs in a small cloud in front of your eyes. Slowly breathe in the cloud of color into your nose and send it down to the bottom of your spine. Hold your breath for a few seconds while at the bottom of your spine. Next, slowly exhale the color cloud. Notice what color the cloud is when it leaves your body.

The color you need and how clear the color is when it comes out gives you helpful information about your health and wellness.


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