What is an Emotion? What is a Feeling? Use Energy to Know Truth

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Research Your Emotions.

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher
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What is an emotion? What is a feeling?

The misinformation about emotional energy is abundant online. Many websites do not know the difference between a depressed mental state and a true emotion, like sadness. Because of this confusion, medical practitioners quickly give you medication to avoid the natural grief process. The natural grief process is essential for your mental health.

Unfortunately, I have also found incorrect information about emotional energy in research studies conducted by academic people for decades. Researchers do not know the difference, even though psychologist’s studies prove otherwise, that a conditioned response like guilt is learned. Guilt is not an emotion. Guilt is a conditioned response, often used to control you. When you feel guilty do you please others and create resentment? 

Emotions are not learned, they are innate. Yet, positive psychologists tell you that joy is a mind set. All you have to do is choose to be happy. Joy is not a mind set. Joy is an emotion. Emotions are physical. They are real, honest to goddess, energy in motion. Emotions are not rigid and still, they move as soon as you allow yourself to feel them. Research your own emotions and fall in love with your emotional self.

Your emotions have a “mind” of their own. You do not get to choose what you feel. You only get to choose whether or not to feel what is real. What you feel will be based on reality. When you are not in touch with reality, you become anxious. The more you avoid your emotions, the more anxious you become because your emotions are real.

Instead of trying to control your emotions and force them to behave as you want, let their colorful energy take you on exciting journeys into physical and metaphysical realities. Open your solar plexus and heart so you can experience the earth adventures your soul longs for. Allow yourself to experience the emotional energies on planet earth so you can relax and enjoy more vibrant moments.

All emotions are colorful. All colors are equal. All emotions are equal. All emotions are healthy. All colors and emotions are necessary for mental health and well-being. Your emotions operate on the laws of physics.

When you face your real fear of emotional energy, the natural process of transformation automatically takes you to freedom and joy. All you have to do is stop trying to control the outcome. The second hour of “Opening the Heart” is called, “Fear. The pathway to freedom and joy.” Your real fear keeps you safe and sets you free.


RESEARCH YOUR EMOTIONS: Know the truth by learning how to feel the energy difference between your emotions and your learned, conditioned behavior. The Opening the Heart audio teaches you how to recognize these difference energies in the first half hour. Say no to guilt, judgments and mental states. Say yes to your authentic emotions, which lead you to your heart, body and soul energy. When you love your emotional self, vibrant moments are common experiences and bring you great joy, even in your sorrow. Experience heaven on earth as your soul longs to do in everyday life.

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How to Improve Your Mental Health with Mind Body Therapy

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Words affect matter.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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We are rethinking the way psychologists use the word judgment and honoring the power of words.

A psychological study revealed that a shocking 90% of the thoughts in university student’s heads were attacking words against themselves. Just imagine if you do not already know, how many attacking thoughts live in your head!

Just as a beginning therapist must learn to listen to the words their clients say, you need to learn to listen to the words you say so you know where you are stuck. Your attacking thoughts are one of the primary factors that generate the static energy that becomes anxiety in your nervous system.

A Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, did hundreds of experiments where he photographed the damaging physical effects that nasty, mean words have on water and the beautiful effects that loving, kind words have on water. What do your words do to your nervous system and body?

Words are not magical, they affect matter because of the energy in, of, and around the words. Take this to heart, the words you say to yourself and others dramatically affects your matter and the matter around you.

To be happy and healthy, you need to be conscious of the words you think and say. The words you use can be against you or for you. If judgment is not the correct word to use for negative “shoulds” and “should nots,” what do we call the self-righteous, high and mighty thoughts you learned from your parents, religions, and governments?

Your parents used certain words to shame you. Guilt-trip you. Inhibit you. Make you “do the right thing.” These words are in your head now and you say them to yourself. These words of right and wrong, good and bad, bundled together, over time, became false beliefs.

Such as:
Work is better than play.
Suffering is superior to pleasure.
Jews are better than gentiles.
Baptists are better than sinners.
Men are superior women.
Whites are better than blacks.
Adults are wiser than children.

Words change, just like people. The word judgment lost it’s “e” during the course of my long career. This happened while psychologists were discovering how to help clients stop their brutal, constant self-judgments that make them nervous, ineffective, and anxious.

New words come into the language and old ones leave. What word can we use to describe these inner nasty words you use against yourself that are unconscious until you make them conscious?

If judgment is not the correct word, maybe it is time for a new word. The Beatles called nasty words the “Blue Meanies.” Let me know what you think and feel.


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Color Therapy is an Effective, Drug Free Depression Treatment

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Color Therapy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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What color do you need the most?

As a highly sensitive person with a great deal of emotional intelligence, I tune into colors more than any other vibrations. Give me the right color and I will follow you anywhere! Or, buy anything from you. Yes, I walk away from many products due to the boring colors offered.

What about you? Do you resonate with color? Or perhaps, you do not even notice the colors you wear, the colors you see, or the colors you need? Colors can brighten up your world and add MORE than spice to your life.

With the cold weather still hanging around here on the East coast, you may need encouragement to give up your depressed winter energy. To give up your depression you must take action on something healthy and vibrant to get your energy moving. Color Therapy is a lovely way to get your energy excited.

The Benefits of Color Therapy are:

1.  Adds vital energy to your brain and body
2.  Breaks up negative, stagnant energy
3.  Replaces anxiety and depression
4.  Feels good, makes you and your cells happy
5.  Reduces physical pain
6.  Relieves emotional pain
7.  No negative side effects

Color Therapy Exercise

Close your eyes and ask your body what color it needs. See what color comes to you. You may see the needed color streaming through your inner vision, hear the name of the color spoken out loud, or maybe your intuitive self gives you the information in yet another format.

If no color seems to stand out, use white. White has all the colors in it and is always a safe bundle of vibrations to use in Color Therapy. Anyway, once you start to do Color Therapy exercises the colors may change on you. This is normal, let your Intuitive Self be in charge. You cannot think or deduct your way to increased healthy energy.

Take three deep, belly breaths to relax and slow down your brain and nervous system. Make your breaths slow and deep, like you did when you were a baby, without thinking about what you are doing. Three deep breaths are enough to get you in Alpha brain waves.

With your eyes still closed, visualize the color your body says it needs in a small cloud in front of your eyes. Slowly breathe in the cloud of color into your nose and send it down to the bottom of your spine. Hold your breath for a few seconds while at the bottom of your spine. Next, slowly exhale the color cloud. Notice what color the cloud is when it leaves your body.

The color you need and how clear the color is when it comes out gives you helpful information about your health and wellness.


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Color Therapy: The Power of Pink for Personal Growth

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Fall in love with pink.





The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Wear Pink.
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach

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How do you feel around pink?
Does pink attract you or repel you?

In 2006, a small county jail in Texas started using pink. They dressed their inmates in pink jumpsuits and made them sleep on pink sheets and wear pink slippers. Even the walls and the bars of the cells were painted pink.

“I wanted to stop reoffenders,” the sheriff of Mason County, Clint Low, told the Associated Press. The pink jumpsuits were intended to act as a deterrent and stop inmates returning to jail, the pink walls were intended to calm tempers at the cramped prison.

The sheriff reported that the reoffending rate was down by 70% since he introduced the pink regime. He added that there have been no fights among inmates since the walls were painted pink. According to the sheriff, the men did not like pink so they behaved themselves to avoid the pink in the jail.

No fights? Amazing. Pink stops violence? Wow! Do these results make you stop and consider the power of pink? Most women, not all, but most, are comfortable wearing pink.

Pink is a heart color. Pink makes us feel good all over because we feel loved. We love pink and enjoy being around pink. Sensitive men are usually comfortable around pink and can wear pink with self-confidence. But your typical male or criminal does not often show up wearing beautiful shades of pink.

Perhaps the sheriff’s reason the pink jail had such a powerful effect on his criminals is incorrect. Maybe being around all that pink energy and pink vibrations actually changed how these men felt about their feelings, authentic emotions, and loving heart. Maybe the pink in the jail actually transformed these criminals into better citizens.

After all, in regular life, men are not allowed to wear, love, and enjoy pink. Men are taught to avoid pink and never be soft and tender. Pink is female, girly, and gay. Could it be that spending time in the presence of pink vibrations transformed these men into better citizens because their emotional vibrations changed?

I suspect the men enjoyed being hugged all over by the loving heart, pink energy. Yummy. A follow up study is certainly needed to see if these men changed their relationship to pink. Then we could discover the real reason these men did not want to break the law and be mean anymore.

In any case, check out the power of pink for yourself.


COLOR THERAPY: Love is pink and blue. Both blue and pink have loving vibrations. This home study course, “Energize Your Mind-Body With Color And Sound,” is a great introduction to using color therapy. The six primary colors are paired with sound and body movements to help you get more energy and different vibrations in your body and energy field. Learn which colors you are avoiding and which ones you need. It is playful and fun. Use alone, in color therapy groups, or with children. PDF format, 40 pages, $19.97.

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Energy and Light Therapy for Winter Blues and Grey Days


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More snow? Get out and enjoy it!




Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Light Energy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Feeling blue? Sad?  Grey?
Is the weather affecting your energy level?

Hanging out with family members this week in sunny Colorado, we were sharing the effects and benefits sunlight has on us. Usually Colorado, USA is sunny in the winter except when it is snowing.

However, with all the current unusual weather patterns, Glenwood Springs, CO had been cloudy for 6 days and nights.  Boo hoo.  As a result of the clouds, I did not get to directly experience one of my favorite activities: cross-country skiing in the moonlight.

Another consequence of the sixth cloudy day in Glenwood was no one in my Colorado family was energetic, except the 2 and 5 year olds, who were running around the living room as usual.  Everyone else was sitting close to the windows, drinking tea and reading their computers.

What about you? Have you been feeling blue, sad or depressed this winter?  Is your energy level low? Have you been staying indoors too long? Are you light deprived?

Notice your mood, emotions and energy levels. When you feel sad, take note of the light in your life.  Light comes from the sun but the sun is not the only source for the healthy vibrations you need to feel better, stronger and more alive.  Light is energy and everything has energy.

If you pay attention, you can notice what has more energy and light and what has less energy and light.  For example, look at the books on your bookshelf.  Some books have more light than others. Toss out or give away the heavy, dark, dense books. If you do, you are sure to feel lighter. For even more light, reread a wonderful book full of light.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person, you are probably more affected by low light than the average person.  As a HSP you also have a higher probability of feeling the light energy that does or does not exist in the world around you.  Why not put your sensitive nature to work to help you become more aware of the amount of light and energy in the world around you?

Even if you are not a Highly Sensitive Person, you can increase your ability to sense light and energy.  Keep practicing by taking a look at your thoughts and see which ones have less light. Those negative, heavy, dark thoughts need to be tossed!  See which thoughts bring more light into your world and pay attention to these higher vibrations more often.

Do not stay stuck in feeling grey and depressed.  After you become aware of what has more light and energy, take appropriate action. Do that which brings more light and energy into your world.


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Let the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll Inspire Your Creativity



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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Welcome a Mistake.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Do you judge your mistakes?

I never knew Memphis, Tennessee, USA was such a musical, interesting and exciting place. Last week I wrote about Memphis as the birthplace of the Blues: https://thevibrantmoment.com/?p=869

Well, did you know that Memphis is also the birthplace of rock and roll? It appears that when black music truly met white music as an equal, there was a rock and a roll! This meeting of the two cultures occurred in the Mississippi Delta.

In 1951, the very first recording of rock and roll was created in Sun Studio in Memphis. There is a plaque on the building making it official from the US government designating Sun Studio as a National Historic Landmark. Sam Phillips was a white man looking for a new sound, any new sound to record in his new recording studio.

Up comes Ike Turner’s band (yes the same Ike who later married Tina Turner) on their way to Sun Studio. The band’s car broke down and their amp fell out and broke. Using a newspaper to stuff the amp back together, they reached the studio.

Sam recorded the band playing and singing, “Rocket 88.” Featuring Jackie Brenston on lead vocals and the newspaper-repaired amp, the first rock and roll record was created on that fateful day in Sun Studio.

The band’s car accident probably helped them break loose and sing more freely. The paper distorted the music just enough to make it interesting to Sam. And the world had a new music to rock and roll their body to.

 What can you learn from this?

Welcome mistakes and accidents. Take advantage of the unexpected. Creativity is a wonderful, existing, fun experience. Add some new sounds and new body movements to your life today.

Cook something new tonight for dinner.
Walk a different path to work.
Drive a different road to your friend’s house.
Plan a new adventure for an upcoming holiday.
Sit down and do nothing.

Break loose from your rigidity, routines and habits. Do something differently than you ever have before. Being creative will give you a vibrant moment or two to enjoy.


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Music, Sound and Color Therapy Tip: Listen to the Blues and Feel



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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Good Vibrations.

Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Sitting in the Memphis airport catching up on my email while listening to sounds of the Blues being piped throughout the Memphis airport. For those of you outside of USA, Memphis is on the Mississippi River in western Tennessee and is the birthplace of the Blues.

B.B. King, an African-American, is considered to be the King of the Blues. He performed his soulful sounds right here on Beale Street in downtown Memphis. He is 88 years old as of 2013. The Blues are a colorful expression of emotions put to music which grew out of the hard life on the Mississippi Delta.

I have been recommending color therapy and music therapy to my clients for over 30 years. For example, listening to the Blues can help you heal your heart and connect with your soul. If you allow yourself to feel the vibrations in the Blues, these vibrations provide you with a safe, effective form of color therapy and music therapy.

What can listening to the Blues do for you?

The results of listening to the Blues when you feel down and out gives you psychological benefits far beyond what most traditional talk therapy can do for you. The vibrations in music affect your physical body and your emotional body.

Sound vibrations affect your physical body. Color vibrations affect your emotional body. Therefore, listening to music helps you connect with your authentic emotions. The more you feel your authentic emotions, the more effectively you move through difficult periods in your life.

If you let yourself feel your sad feelings when you feel sad, you do not get stuck in depression. Instead, you move forward through your pain, loss and sorrow until you reach the state where you feel more alive, rich and deep. The Blues help you feel your authentic emotions, which helps you move forward.

As a result, you begin to live life more fully than you did before your loss, pain or sorrow. Listening to music is helpful but certainly not enough. If you keep moving forward by engaging in effective personal growth actions, you get to the emotionally healthy place where you don’t even experience the Blues very often anymore.

I like to listen to the African-American women sing the Blues. Ma Rainey is considered to be the Mother of the Blues. Bessie Smith, Ida Cox, Alberta Hunter and Ethel Waters are just as worthy of your attention. Of course, many of the current performers render their wonderful original tunes with heartfelt emotion.

My all time favorite Blues song is Ida Cox’s “Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues.” If you have never heard it, give it a spin. Whether you are a man or woman, you need to be free, wild and happy without needing external approval from someone else.

Feel the vibrations in the Blues and let your body move. Soon you will feel better, stronger and more alive.


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Please share your comments and feedback below.

Depression Help: Sing the Blues to Keep Moving Through Your Grief and Grieving

whitelakeA fun time at White Lake, North Carolina

Notice the little girl playing with the water instead of looking at the camera. That’s me. My love affair with water began at an early age.



The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Sing Your Blues.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Visit: http://www.drjeanette.com


It seemed like nothing mattered anymore. I didn’t care if I went swimming or not, even though swimming is my favorite activity. I did not care what I ate, even though looking forward to delicious food and yummy tastes used to be a daily pleasure.

How often to you feel blah, blue or bored?

I mentioned two weeks ago that it is easy to get stuck in depression during the natural grieving progress.  Take note of the losses you have suffered recently that you need to grieve so that you can move forward instead of getting stuck in depressed energy.

Have you lost your:
Best friend?
Beloved animal?
Beloved trees?

When grieving any type of loss, the natural process of feeling your authentic emotions takes many turns and twists until you begin to feel better and heal your heart.  Anywhere along the natural, normal stages of the grieving process, you can become blue, melancholy or depressed.

To heal your heart, you need to feel sad and not get stuck in depression.

This means you need to feel blue and keep moving through your grief as your emotional energy carries you along your own unique emotional healing process.

If you begin to feel melancholy, this means you are slowing down. If you are slowing down, this means you are inhibiting some of your authentic emotions and feelings as they surface.  If melancholy lingers too long, you are slowing down your energy so you become blah and stop enjoying life.

If you enter the mental health state called depression, you have inhibited your healthy emotional energy so much that you are stuck. Depression means you are not moving forward at all.   Depression is a dark, heavy state where you are numb and nothing matters.  You have stopped feeling blue and as a result you do not enjoy anything anymore.

Your vital emotions keep you moving forward in the natural grieving process.

The Indians call the emotional body, which is part of your energy field, the vital body.  This is because your vital body is full of colorful, strong, potent emotional energy when you are healthy and emotionally strong. When you are stuck in depression, your vital body is dark, grey and dense.

When you inhibit your healing emotions of grief you get stuck in depression.  Losses are natural and normal life experiences.  The feelings of sadness about your loss are also natural and normal no matter what medical authorities or friends tell you.

Give yourself permission to fully experience your loss.

Allow your grief and grieving to be natural and normal so that you heal your heart and become emotionally stronger.  When I noticed I was depressed, I decided to get back into my grief and grieving.  To help me get out of the dumps, I began to sing and hum the blues.

I put my comforting audio in my ears to help me stay in the hurt so I transformed my loss into more vital energy and aliveness.  Thank goodness, swimming is pleasurable again.

Please share your thoughts, feelings and feedback about grief and grieving, emotional health, the stages of grief, hurt and loss below.


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Personal Growth Tip: Wake Up to Your Human Potential With Relaxation


Jump into the water! Jump into Life!


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Big Island Beach, Sunset, 2013


The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Get Unstuck.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
Visit: http://www.drjeanette.com


Definition of Stuck: Not moving forward. Living a mundane and ordinary life. No passion and joy.

Do you work, eat, sleep and repeat the same behaviors day after day? If so, you are going through your life without feelings and emotions.  This means you are stuck in an ordinary and mundane life.

This phrase, “ordinary and mundane,” is taken from Dr. Charles Tart’s book, Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential, which I read in the late 1980s.  “The Vibrant Moment” exists to help you wake up and do a whole lot more than just get through your day.

How Awake and Alive Are You?

It is possible that ordinary consciousness may feel normal for you because you have not experienced anything else in so long you have forgotten the delicious extraordinary feelings you were born with.  Therefore, you may not be aware that you are living the moments of your life without passion, fire and joy.

On the other hand, perhaps you have enjoyed vibrant moments, peak performances and peak experiences from time to time.  However, stress and anxiety have unconsciously taken over your waking life.  As a result, you have settled back down into ordinary consciousness without even knowing it.

Or maybe you are grieving a great loss.  It is easy to get stuck in the grieving progress and become depressed instead of moving forward.  You may have dropped down out of ordinary mundane consciousness into a deeper level of depression.

Whatever the reason, you may be stuck in routine living, depression and anxiety without even knowing you are stuck in the daily grind of the walking dead.

To have more vibrant moments, you need to know when, where, how and why you are stuck.  To know when you are stuck, you have to increase your awareness. To increase your awareness, you need outside feedback that gives you some degree of objective data.

This means you need many different kinds of feedback systems that alert you to where your mental health, emotional security and body awareness are at any given moment in time.  I use mentors, groups and holistic health practitioners to wake me up and notify me that I have gotten stuck in the ordinary and mundane.  I also have my own daily feedback barometers.

Use Daily Activities to Notice When You Are Stuck

Just getting through a swim is not the same thing as enjoying a swim.  As a swimmer, I use how I feel and how much I enjoy my swim as a barometer of my state of being in the world.  I have many different kinds of swimming experiences.  Each swimming experience gives me concrete feedback about my consciousness and state of being alive.

There is the:
1. Delicious, flowing through the sensuous water with my whole body swim
2. Enjoyable, relaxing swim, where the mind is quiet and still
3. Fun, playful, feel good swim, where there is no thinking
4. Mean and lean exercise swim
5.  So-so swim, where the thoughts distracted me more than not.
6.  Did I even swim? swim, where my brain was in charge

I love swimming so much I don’t have a bad swim or a boring swim. But you may want to add bad and boring along with other specific qualities to your own feedback list.

Create Your Own Aliveness Feedback Barometer

To create your own Aliveness Barometer, think about some experience you do daily or several times a week.  For example, if you take walks, you can use your walking experiences. Make a list of all the difference kinds of walks you have.  Describe your walks honestly so that you can use each walk to increase your awareness of how present, alive and vibrant you are in the moment.

Then use your feedback to become more awake and alive.  If your feedback tells you that you are stuck in the ordinary and mundane, this means you are anxious. The less you enjoy something, the more anxious you are.

To correct the problem you need to begin to feel your body more and feel your emotions more. These two sensory experiences will start to bring more life energy into
your daily grind.

You only have one life to live. Get unstuck and allow more passion, joy and excitement into your precious moments. Reduce your anxiety and relax your body so you can perceive
the colors that are always dancing and playing around you before it is too late.

Peak performances, peak experiences and vibrant moments do not happen by accident. They happen because you show up and allow yourself to be in your body and emotions in physical reality. They happen because you reduce your anxiety and
relax into your body.

Please share your thoughts, feelings and feedback about body awareness, emotional expression and peak performances below.


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Personal Growth Tip: Get Excited, Follow Your Bliss and Heart

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The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Get excited!
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Often I remind you how important it is to use relaxation therapy until you have a reliable, dependable relaxation response at your fingertips.  Yes, it is imperative that you have the ability to achieve a calm and still state so your body and nerves can receive the healthy energy you need from the outside world.

However, relaxation is not enough.

You also need to be able to get fully excited in your whole body.

You must get excited in order to charge your bodily systems with positive, vital energy.  Getting excited is what gives your body the fuel it needs to reach holistic health.  Daily doses of vital energy are essential if you want to achieve good mental health and physical strength.

However, one of the obstacles I have noticed over the 36 years I have been helping people is that many are afraid of getting excited.  As people go through the transformation process toward self-actualization, they get stuck because they do not want to get turned on and passionate about anything. It is too scary.

Take inventory of yourself.

Are you comfortable when you get excited?
Do you ignore your passions?
Are you afraid to let go of control?
Do your desires scare you?

Depression is the opposite of excitement.  Are you so afraid of your passions and excitement that you depress your energy?

Anxiety is what you feel as you become excited.  Are you able to move pass your irrational thoughts, Killjoy Monsters and Inner Critics to the open free vibrant moments of being alive?

If you want holistic health, you must allow yourself to get fully excited. When you are excited, you feel tingles of energy moving through your body.  You get goosebumps as your skin and nervous system respond to the pleasurable energy being received.

When you experience goosebumps, you are living in a vibrant moment.  Vibrant moments are full of strong, emotional energy. This potent energy automatically gives you holistic health. Happiness is the natural side effect you receive because it feels so good to be alive and full of energy.

Spring energy is exciting, fun and joyful.

In the Northern Hemisphere, use the spring energy all around you to fuel your fire so you get excited.  In the Southern Hemisphere, use your imagination to fuel your fire for holistic health.

Resonate with spring energy.  Feel the ing in the spring.  Feel the excitement of Mother Earth as she wakes up. Feel the excitement in you as you wake up.

Let spring energy put some spring in your step and joy in your heart.


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