Energy and Light Therapy for Winter Blues and Grey Days


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More snow? Get out and enjoy it!




Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feel Light Energy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Feeling blue? Sad?  Grey?
Is the weather affecting your energy level?

Hanging out with family members this week in sunny Colorado, we were sharing the effects and benefits sunlight has on us. Usually Colorado, USA is sunny in the winter except when it is snowing.

However, with all the current unusual weather patterns, Glenwood Springs, CO had been cloudy for 6 days and nights.  Boo hoo.  As a result of the clouds, I did not get to directly experience one of my favorite activities: cross-country skiing in the moonlight.

Another consequence of the sixth cloudy day in Glenwood was no one in my Colorado family was energetic, except the 2 and 5 year olds, who were running around the living room as usual.  Everyone else was sitting close to the windows, drinking tea and reading their computers.

What about you? Have you been feeling blue, sad or depressed this winter?  Is your energy level low? Have you been staying indoors too long? Are you light deprived?

Notice your mood, emotions and energy levels. When you feel sad, take note of the light in your life.  Light comes from the sun but the sun is not the only source for the healthy vibrations you need to feel better, stronger and more alive.  Light is energy and everything has energy.

If you pay attention, you can notice what has more energy and light and what has less energy and light.  For example, look at the books on your bookshelf.  Some books have more light than others. Toss out or give away the heavy, dark, dense books. If you do, you are sure to feel lighter. For even more light, reread a wonderful book full of light.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person, you are probably more affected by low light than the average person.  As a HSP you also have a higher probability of feeling the light energy that does or does not exist in the world around you.  Why not put your sensitive nature to work to help you become more aware of the amount of light and energy in the world around you?

Even if you are not a Highly Sensitive Person, you can increase your ability to sense light and energy.  Keep practicing by taking a look at your thoughts and see which ones have less light. Those negative, heavy, dark thoughts need to be tossed!  See which thoughts bring more light into your world and pay attention to these higher vibrations more often.

Do not stay stuck in feeling grey and depressed.  After you become aware of what has more light and energy, take appropriate action. Do that which brings more light and energy into your world.


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