Valentine’s Day Gift: Real Love is a Pure, Clean, Free Energy



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I love this tree and the snow around it.

Winter Storms of 2014, Glenwood Springs, Colorado


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Love.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Who do you love?
What do you love?

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to check in on your ability to love. Besides who and what, ask yourself, “How do I love?” Do you know if your love energy is freely flowing in and out of your body connecting you with others? Or do you confuse love with pleasing people or having people please you?

Many parents and partners confuse love with other energies besides love. Love has been associated with various aspects of control for centuries. Like God, unloving things have been done in the name of love. Pure, healthy love is rare and precious.

I remember my father saying to my mother in various non-verbal ways, “If you loved me, you would do so and so.” He was usually successful in getting my mother to go with him and do what he wanted her to do. My mother did not take the time to check in with herself to even see if she wanted to go with him.  As a result of my father’s guilt tripping, control and pressure, my mother resented my father. She did not know the reason for her resentment. The reason was my father controlled her in the name of love.

This control issue is a universal pattern I have noticed over the last 37 years in all my couples therapy sessions. One or both people in a loving relationship control the other in the name of love. Control is not love. Wanting someone to please you instead of himself or herself is not love. Making others feel guilt is not love.

Love is a pure, clean and free energy. Love cannot and does not control, manipulate, pull or push you. Love is freely given and freely received. Unfortunately, due to past conditioning, many people are afraid to love because they are afraid they will be controlled if they let go, open up and love.

Do you push away love because you are afraid you will be controlled?

Take a look and be honest with yourself. If you cannot freely love someone, something is stopping you. If you cannot freely give your heart and body to someone, something is stopping you. Take a look at the part of you that is afraid to love. Get to know this anxious part of you and give her or him what is needed to overcome your fear of intimacy.

Sharing love energy is the reason for being in my world. Without love, what do you have? Without love, why are you here? Love is the power energy on the planet and I want more and more of it. My desire for you is to love more and be loved more.

Love energy makes you healthy in mind and body. You cannot be mentally ill if you allow the energy of real love to move throughout your body. Love is a spontaneous energy that occurs in your heart and moves outward toward the beloved.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by making a list of all the things, plants, animals and people you exchange love energy with freely without stopping the strong, powerful flow of love. Then keep adding to your list so you become stronger, happier and more powerful.


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