Tips for a Healthy Brain: Feed Your Brain to Avoid Dementia, Alzheimer’s



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Love your body as much as you love your brain.




The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Feed Your Brain.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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Do you know what your brain needs to be healthy?
Do you do mental activities to keep your brain sharp?

Recent neurological research conducted by Dr. Barry Komisaruk from Rutgers University reports that orgasms are more beneficial for your brain than crossword puzzles. Take a deep breath if this surprises you. Add this important holistic health information to your personal growth program if you want a healthy brain as you age.

In order for your brain to be mentally and physically healthy, it must receive the fuel/food it needs to flourish. This means your brain must receive vital, strong, vibrant energy from your body in order to function properly.

Your brain cannot function with clarity and sanity without your body. Without your body you are just a bunch of mental energy. Your mental energy, in isolation, can easily and quickly, become confused and out of touch with its physical surroundings. This mental isolation is the source of mental illness, depression, anxiety, and other odd labels psychiatrists love to give you.

When you get defensive, you are in your head thinking about something. When you block out love, you are in your head thinking about something. When you are anxious, you are in your head thinking about something. When you get confused, you are in your head thinking about something.

So, like it or not, your brain needs your body in order to be clear, sane, and helpful. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other brain disorders can be reduced if you feed your brain the vital energy it needs to be vibrant and healthy. While it is best to start feeding your brain before it gets depleted and confused, it is never too late to fuel your brain.

Orgasms are not the only way to feed your brain. You can relax your whole body and allow the energy in your pelvis to travel north to your brain at any time. You can also feel your authentic emotions in your heart, which immediately sends wonderful waves of vital energy throughout your mind-body.

However, orgasms are a pleasurable way to fuel your brain so do not let shame, guilt, and embarrassment stop you. Neither do you need someone else to “give you” an orgasm for good brain health. Dr. Komisaruk’s MRI machine records the brain activity of women as they enjoy solo orgasms.

So, no matter how you feed your brain, the most important thing to remember is that a healthy energetic connection to your body is imperative for good brain and mental health. This is the reason all my courses, special reports and workshops teach you how to get in your body, live in your body, love your body, and use your body to feel a genuine sense of self-confidence.

When you are self-confident, your brain is clear, sane, and helpful.

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