Color Therapy: The Power of Pink for Personal Growth

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Fall in love with pink.





The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Wear Pink.
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


How do you feel around pink?
Does pink attract you or repel you?

In 2006, a small county jail in Texas started using pink. They dressed their inmates in pink jumpsuits and made them sleep on pink sheets and wear pink slippers. Even the walls and the bars of the cells were painted pink.

“I wanted to stop reoffenders,” the sheriff of Mason County, Clint Low, told the Associated Press. The pink jumpsuits were intended to act as a deterrent and stop inmates returning to jail, the pink walls were intended to calm tempers at the cramped prison.

The sheriff reported that the reoffending rate was down by 70% since he introduced the pink regime. He added that there have been no fights among inmates since the walls were painted pink. According to the sheriff, the men did not like pink so they behaved themselves to avoid the pink in the jail.

No fights? Amazing. Pink stops violence? Wow! Do these results make you stop and consider the power of pink? Most women, not all, but most, are comfortable wearing pink.

Pink is a heart color. Pink makes us feel good all over because we feel loved. We love pink and enjoy being around pink. Sensitive men are usually comfortable around pink and can wear pink with self-confidence. But your typical male or criminal does not often show up wearing beautiful shades of pink.

Perhaps the sheriff’s reason the pink jail had such a powerful effect on his criminals is incorrect. Maybe being around all that pink energy and pink vibrations actually changed how these men felt about their feelings, authentic emotions, and loving heart. Maybe the pink in the jail actually transformed these criminals into better citizens.

After all, in regular life, men are not allowed to wear, love, and enjoy pink. Men are taught to avoid pink and never be soft and tender. Pink is female, girly, and gay. Could it be that spending time in the presence of pink vibrations transformed these men into better citizens because their emotional vibrations changed?

I suspect the men enjoyed being hugged all over by the loving heart, pink energy. Yummy. A follow up study is certainly needed to see if these men changed their relationship to pink. Then we could discover the real reason these men did not want to break the law and be mean anymore.

In any case, check out the power of pink for yourself.


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