Mental Health Advice: Celebrate Earth Day with Cherry Trees

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Fall in love with cherry trees.




The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Get Close to Trees.

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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach
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How do you honor Earth Day?
How do you stay healthy in mind and body?

Put in your intention to honor Mother Earth on Earth Day 2014 in some way that benefits you. Nature is your mother and the closer you are to her healthy ways, the better. If you have wandered off and away from Mother Earth into your computer and cell phone, it is time to come back to her.

If you feel depressed, down, tired, lonely, or looney, find a tree to spend the day with or at least a few hours. My favorite trees, which are in bloom right now, in the marvelous Philadelphia area, are the cherry trees.

There are many varieties and the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia has blessed our city with an abundance of cherry trees to sit under. I know many of these cherry trees personally and visit as they reach their peak: some on foot, many on bicycle, and some out of town in the country gardens. This past weekend I was at Morris Arboretum on Saturday and Tyler Arboretum on Sunday.

When you find a tree to spend the day with, notice how you change and shift over the course of the time you spend with your tree. Each tree is different. Every tree has a purpose, with a unique energy that it gives to you, a recent human being on the planet.

I hope you are able to find a cherry tree to connect with for a few hours. If you do, please notice how the cherry trees affect your body and mood. Pay attention to your energy field and how you feel as you leave your tree. Write me and tell me what you notice. I would love to collect a little research.

You need to take a blanket so you can relax on the ground in comfort. You could bring an old fashion book, pen, and paper to journal with, but nothing to keep you in beta brainwaves for long.

You want to let go of control and resonate with the energy of the cherry tree. Take a nap; change your body position to stay comfortable. Walk around; look at the blooms often against the blue sky. Feel the ground, your body, and all the energy around you. Drop down into gravity.

When you relax into the vibrations of the tree, you will know it.  You will feel different.  After all, you are moving out of the boring, controlling mind, into the full body experience of being alive in the physical world around you.

Appreciate the fact that you have entered a vibrant moment.  Enjoy and repeat.


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