Let the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll Inspire Your Creativity



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Do you judge your mistakes?

I never knew Memphis, Tennessee, USA was such a musical, interesting and exciting place. Last week I wrote about Memphis as the birthplace of the Blues: https://thevibrantmoment.com/?p=869

Well, did you know that Memphis is also the birthplace of rock and roll? It appears that when black music truly met white music as an equal, there was a rock and a roll! This meeting of the two cultures occurred in the Mississippi Delta.

In 1951, the very first recording of rock and roll was created in Sun Studio in Memphis. There is a plaque on the building making it official from the US government designating Sun Studio as a National Historic Landmark. Sam Phillips was a white man looking for a new sound, any new sound to record in his new recording studio.

Up comes Ike Turner’s band (yes the same Ike who later married Tina Turner) on their way to Sun Studio. The band’s car broke down and their amp fell out and broke. Using a newspaper to stuff the amp back together, they reached the studio.

Sam recorded the band playing and singing, “Rocket 88.” Featuring Jackie Brenston on lead vocals and the newspaper-repaired amp, the first rock and roll record was created on that fateful day in Sun Studio.

The band’s car accident probably helped them break loose and sing more freely. The paper distorted the music just enough to make it interesting to Sam. And the world had a new music to rock and roll their body to.

 What can you learn from this?

Welcome mistakes and accidents. Take advantage of the unexpected. Creativity is a wonderful, existing, fun experience. Add some new sounds and new body movements to your life today.

Cook something new tonight for dinner.
Walk a different path to work.
Drive a different road to your friend’s house.
Plan a new adventure for an upcoming holiday.
Sit down and do nothing.

Break loose from your rigidity, routines and habits. Do something differently than you ever have before. Being creative will give you a vibrant moment or two to enjoy.


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