Music, Sound and Color Therapy Tip: Listen to the Blues and Feel



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Sitting in the Memphis airport catching up on my email while listening to sounds of the Blues being piped throughout the Memphis airport. For those of you outside of USA, Memphis is on the Mississippi River in western Tennessee and is the birthplace of the Blues.

B.B. King, an African-American, is considered to be the King of the Blues. He performed his soulful sounds right here on Beale Street in downtown Memphis. He is 88 years old as of 2013. The Blues are a colorful expression of emotions put to music which grew out of the hard life on the Mississippi Delta.

I have been recommending color therapy and music therapy to my clients for over 30 years. For example, listening to the Blues can help you heal your heart and connect with your soul. If you allow yourself to feel the vibrations in the Blues, these vibrations provide you with a safe, effective form of color therapy and music therapy.

What can listening to the Blues do for you?

The results of listening to the Blues when you feel down and out gives you psychological benefits far beyond what most traditional talk therapy can do for you. The vibrations in music affect your physical body and your emotional body.

Sound vibrations affect your physical body. Color vibrations affect your emotional body. Therefore, listening to music helps you connect with your authentic emotions. The more you feel your authentic emotions, the more effectively you move through difficult periods in your life.

If you let yourself feel your sad feelings when you feel sad, you do not get stuck in depression. Instead, you move forward through your pain, loss and sorrow until you reach the state where you feel more alive, rich and deep. The Blues help you feel your authentic emotions, which helps you move forward.

As a result, you begin to live life more fully than you did before your loss, pain or sorrow. Listening to music is helpful but certainly not enough. If you keep moving forward by engaging in effective personal growth actions, you get to the emotionally healthy place where you don’t even experience the Blues very often anymore.

I like to listen to the African-American women sing the Blues. Ma Rainey is considered to be the Mother of the Blues. Bessie Smith, Ida Cox, Alberta Hunter and Ethel Waters are just as worthy of your attention. Of course, many of the current performers render their wonderful original tunes with heartfelt emotion.

My all time favorite Blues song is Ida Cox’s “Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues.” If you have never heard it, give it a spin. Whether you are a man or woman, you need to be free, wild and happy without needing external approval from someone else.

Feel the vibrations in the Blues and let your body move. Soon you will feel better, stronger and more alive.


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