Depression Help: Sing the Blues to Keep Moving Through Your Grief and Grieving

whitelakeA fun time at White Lake, North Carolina

Notice the little girl playing with the water instead of looking at the camera. That’s me. My love affair with water began at an early age.



The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Sing Your Blues.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


It seemed like nothing mattered anymore. I didn’t care if I went swimming or not, even though swimming is my favorite activity. I did not care what I ate, even though looking forward to delicious food and yummy tastes used to be a daily pleasure.

How often to you feel blah, blue or bored?

I mentioned two weeks ago that it is easy to get stuck in depression during the natural grieving progress.  Take note of the losses you have suffered recently that you need to grieve so that you can move forward instead of getting stuck in depressed energy.

Have you lost your:
Best friend?
Beloved animal?
Beloved trees?

When grieving any type of loss, the natural process of feeling your authentic emotions takes many turns and twists until you begin to feel better and heal your heart.  Anywhere along the natural, normal stages of the grieving process, you can become blue, melancholy or depressed.

To heal your heart, you need to feel sad and not get stuck in depression.

This means you need to feel blue and keep moving through your grief as your emotional energy carries you along your own unique emotional healing process.

If you begin to feel melancholy, this means you are slowing down. If you are slowing down, this means you are inhibiting some of your authentic emotions and feelings as they surface.  If melancholy lingers too long, you are slowing down your energy so you become blah and stop enjoying life.

If you enter the mental health state called depression, you have inhibited your healthy emotional energy so much that you are stuck. Depression means you are not moving forward at all.   Depression is a dark, heavy state where you are numb and nothing matters.  You have stopped feeling blue and as a result you do not enjoy anything anymore.

Your vital emotions keep you moving forward in the natural grieving process.

The Indians call the emotional body, which is part of your energy field, the vital body.  This is because your vital body is full of colorful, strong, potent emotional energy when you are healthy and emotionally strong. When you are stuck in depression, your vital body is dark, grey and dense.

When you inhibit your healing emotions of grief you get stuck in depression.  Losses are natural and normal life experiences.  The feelings of sadness about your loss are also natural and normal no matter what medical authorities or friends tell you.

Give yourself permission to fully experience your loss.

Allow your grief and grieving to be natural and normal so that you heal your heart and become emotionally stronger.  When I noticed I was depressed, I decided to get back into my grief and grieving.  To help me get out of the dumps, I began to sing and hum the blues.

I put my comforting audio in my ears to help me stay in the hurt so I transformed my loss into more vital energy and aliveness.  Thank goodness, swimming is pleasurable again.

Please share your thoughts, feelings and feedback about grief and grieving, emotional health, the stages of grief, hurt and loss below.


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