Personal Growth Tip: Wake Up to Your Human Potential With Relaxation


Jump into the water! Jump into Life!


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Big Island Beach, Sunset, 2013


The Vibrant Moment – Remember:  Get Unstuck.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Definition of Stuck: Not moving forward. Living a mundane and ordinary life. No passion and joy.

Do you work, eat, sleep and repeat the same behaviors day after day? If so, you are going through your life without feelings and emotions.  This means you are stuck in an ordinary and mundane life.

This phrase, “ordinary and mundane,” is taken from Dr. Charles Tart’s book, Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential, which I read in the late 1980s.  “The Vibrant Moment” exists to help you wake up and do a whole lot more than just get through your day.

How Awake and Alive Are You?

It is possible that ordinary consciousness may feel normal for you because you have not experienced anything else in so long you have forgotten the delicious extraordinary feelings you were born with.  Therefore, you may not be aware that you are living the moments of your life without passion, fire and joy.

On the other hand, perhaps you have enjoyed vibrant moments, peak performances and peak experiences from time to time.  However, stress and anxiety have unconsciously taken over your waking life.  As a result, you have settled back down into ordinary consciousness without even knowing it.

Or maybe you are grieving a great loss.  It is easy to get stuck in the grieving progress and become depressed instead of moving forward.  You may have dropped down out of ordinary mundane consciousness into a deeper level of depression.

Whatever the reason, you may be stuck in routine living, depression and anxiety without even knowing you are stuck in the daily grind of the walking dead.

To have more vibrant moments, you need to know when, where, how and why you are stuck.  To know when you are stuck, you have to increase your awareness. To increase your awareness, you need outside feedback that gives you some degree of objective data.

This means you need many different kinds of feedback systems that alert you to where your mental health, emotional security and body awareness are at any given moment in time.  I use mentors, groups and holistic health practitioners to wake me up and notify me that I have gotten stuck in the ordinary and mundane.  I also have my own daily feedback barometers.

Use Daily Activities to Notice When You Are Stuck

Just getting through a swim is not the same thing as enjoying a swim.  As a swimmer, I use how I feel and how much I enjoy my swim as a barometer of my state of being in the world.  I have many different kinds of swimming experiences.  Each swimming experience gives me concrete feedback about my consciousness and state of being alive.

There is the:
1. Delicious, flowing through the sensuous water with my whole body swim
2. Enjoyable, relaxing swim, where the mind is quiet and still
3. Fun, playful, feel good swim, where there is no thinking
4. Mean and lean exercise swim
5.  So-so swim, where the thoughts distracted me more than not.
6.  Did I even swim? swim, where my brain was in charge

I love swimming so much I don’t have a bad swim or a boring swim. But you may want to add bad and boring along with other specific qualities to your own feedback list.

Create Your Own Aliveness Feedback Barometer

To create your own Aliveness Barometer, think about some experience you do daily or several times a week.  For example, if you take walks, you can use your walking experiences. Make a list of all the difference kinds of walks you have.  Describe your walks honestly so that you can use each walk to increase your awareness of how present, alive and vibrant you are in the moment.

Then use your feedback to become more awake and alive.  If your feedback tells you that you are stuck in the ordinary and mundane, this means you are anxious. The less you enjoy something, the more anxious you are.

To correct the problem you need to begin to feel your body more and feel your emotions more. These two sensory experiences will start to bring more life energy into
your daily grind.

You only have one life to live. Get unstuck and allow more passion, joy and excitement into your precious moments. Reduce your anxiety and relax your body so you can perceive
the colors that are always dancing and playing around you before it is too late.

Peak performances, peak experiences and vibrant moments do not happen by accident. They happen because you show up and allow yourself to be in your body and emotions in physical reality. They happen because you reduce your anxiety and
relax into your body.

Please share your thoughts, feelings and feedback about body awareness, emotional expression and peak performances below.


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