Relaxation Therapy Tip: Help the Part of You that Believes Your Negative Thoughts

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Derail your bully thoughts.
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How many of you asked for feedback from someone last week that you used to improve your self-esteem?

How many of you had a peak performance because you overcame your performance anxiety?

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A reader asked an important question that goes straight to the heart of the problem many intellectual people have in overcoming performance anxiety.  “What to do when your thoughts tell you that being natural is unnatural?”

Unfortunately, the brain is a great big bully.  Your brain often gives you information that is irrational and downright wrong.  As a result, you have many subconscious and silent thoughts that are incorrect and self-destructive.

These negative thoughts are universal and have been repeatedly documented in research studies. Popular culture has made us aware that we have an Inner Critic who spews out nasty thoughts.

When negative thoughts sent out their poison, your body automatically becomes tense and tight.  When your body becomes tense and tight you are anxious.  This anxiety builds up in your nervous system, muscles and blood flow making you weak and uncomfortable so that you cannot perform at your best in any situation.

When you are anxious you are unable to:
1. Relax
2. Move
3. Express your emotions
4. Be spontaneous
5. Be open
6. Assert yourself
7. Perform at your best

So, let’s say you want to learn how to relax and have peak performances.  Maybe you want to perform better at work, be a better psychologist, play for an orchestra or be more successful in the romantic department.

Just as you begin to let go of the tension in your body, your Inner Critic tells you that you are being unnatural. If you continue to try to relax and follow the instructions from your relaxation therapist, your brain begins to attack you even more and make fun of you.

In this case, most of you can see that the Inner Critic is reversing reality on you.  Your thoughts are calling you unnatural when you are trying to become more natural.  You know this and yet these thoughts still control you and stop you from relaxing.

You already know for sure that relaxing your body is definitely natural and normal.  It is not unnatural to be in the state of relaxation.  You know that peak performances can only occur when you are relaxed and not anxious, yet you cannot relax your body.

Your toxic thoughts continue to confuse you and scare you. Your body has an automatic reaction of fear that makes you unsure of yourself.  Since you continue to listen to your toxic thoughts and let them control you, this means there is a part of you that believes them to be true.

So this is the key.

You must find the part of you who still believes these thoughts to be true and help this part of you see that these thoughts are reversing realty on you.  Then you will be able to stop believing irrational thoughts so that you can relax your body in comfort.

This is where you can improve your success rate by seeking guidance and outside feedback to help you. It is very hard to know which thoughts are false and which ones are helpful when they are your thoughts!

You will find working with a trained holistic psychologist or emotional health mentor will dramatically improve your success rate so that you stop your poisonous thoughts from tightening up your body.

Please share your thoughts, feelings and feedback about performance anxiety, relaxation and peak performances below.

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