Goodbye Performance Anxiety, Hello Peak Performance

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Let the music flow. Peak performances are fun and healthy for you. Performance anxiety stops the fun so healthy energy cannot flow through you.



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Since I spent the weekend with my highly motivated musical and political nephews, my creativity is amped up and renewed.  So I revisited the last survey The Vibrant Moment’s readers filled out to some fresh ideas for the content of this week’s newsletter.

The top three topics you were interested in were:
Peak Performance

Wow, I forgot peak performance was number three!  I have not written about peak performance since the survey.  This learning experience is a helpful self-improvement lesson in and of itself.

Lesson Learned:

Make sure you get feedback from your personal relationships as well as your professional relationships.  Write the feedback down so you have a record of the data. Then make sure you revisit the feedback to find new ways to be successful with your personal growth and professional development along the way.

Now, to peak performance.

First, let’s definite our terms accurately.  I just did a google search and found incorrect information. Even the current Psychology Today information is incorrect on performance anxiety.

The Definition of Performance Anxiety:

Performance anxiety is a learning research term that is used to define any anxiety that occurs before or during any type of performance. It does not apply just to stage fright and public performances.  Performance anxiety applies to any activity that you may need or want to perform.  For example, taking a test, making love with your partner, reaching the moon and trying to relax.

The Definition of Peak Performance:

Peak performance is a psychological term that applies to any type of performance where you are able to relax and do your best.  We often think of sports and music.  If you saw the third game of the NBA playoffs last night, you know what I mean.  Two undrafted players “led the San Antonio Spurs to one of the best-shooting, biggest blowouts in NBA Finals history.” The San Antonio Spurs had a magical performance blowing away the stars of the Miami Heat that gave the viewers, as well as the players, plenty of goosebumps and joy.

However, anything you do could be a peak performance for you.  Anytime you relax and perform at your best, you are enjoying a peak performance.  In a relaxed state, you are able to use your human potential to its maximum based on your current skill level.

This is what gives you a peak performance.  You are able to access and use the skill you have spent hours learning and practicing to your maximum advantage at your command.  So a peak performance is based on your ability to use your innate ability and learned behavior with mastery at your will.

Performance Anxiety Blocks Peak Performances

Do you have performance anxiety? Most of us do. Just think of all the ways performance anxiety keeps you inhibited, depressed and miserable. For example, you don’t feel comfortable in your body so that you can spontaneously get up on the dance floor when the spirit moves you and show off your dancing skills. You cannot let go and have a peak performance any time or anywhere.

How can you experience a peak performance?

The answer is really quite simple. You have to remove enough anxiety from your physical body so that you can perform the task at hand. To remove the anxiety from your body, you have to stop the mental judgments coming out of your brain from taking the center stage.  When your thoughts are in control, they are always successful in making your body contract.

When you let go of control, you automatically relax.  So the solution is to let go of control and stop thinking.  In a relaxed state you will do your best without thinking about anything at all.  This is because when you relax your physical body, you automatically get in the flow or zone.  Anytime you get in the flow, you will have a peak performance for you.

The great thing about peak performances is that these wonderful experiences keep getting better and better so you have new peak performances all along the way. There is no end to how many peak performances you can have before you die. Get in your flow and enjoy more peak performances.

Please share your thoughts, feelings and feedback about performance anxiety, relaxation and peak performances below.


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