Self-Confidence Advice: Use Common Sense the Holistic Psychology Way

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Common Sense.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


What is common sense?

Common sense is the ability to come up with a sound decision based on a realistic perception of a situation or facts.

You have plenty of innate common sense and can use your common sense to make your life effective, which is the opposite of dysfunctional. To use your common sense you must not listen to what others tell you you should do and should not do.

When you are in touch with your common sense you make good, sound decisions. You know when someone or something does not feel good, right, or correct. Even if you are taking an effective home study course or following the instructions given by a knowledgeable holistic psychologist you must use your own common sense.

For example, I often recommend Color and Sound Therapy to help you move through emotional and physical issues. However, you can over do it! You can use too much color or sound, giving you negative results. This would only occur if you are listening to the should and should nots in your head. Your common sense would tell you enough is enough!

Perhaps you misunderstood the instructions, maybe you are more sensitive to color and sound than others, or maybe the instructor didn’t think of everything. It could also be that your ego is pushing you to do more, and more, and more! Your bully ego is often the problem.

When your sneaky ego dominates you, you do not have access to your common sense. Your common sense makes sure you get positive results no matter what you do and how you do it. You can learn from any experience, and feel empowered, no matter what happens.

The difference between using your common sense and being controlled by should and should nots is the difference between holistic health and mental illness. When you listen to the should and should nots in your head that you learned from others, you are headed toward depression, anxiety, and NO vibrant moments.

Depressed energy can move. Anxious energy can slow down and you can get in touch with your authentic self’s energy. When you fall into your authentic self and allow your energy to relax and be natural, you give up depression and anxiety. This is an awesome physical experience and creates a vibrant moment or two.

Use your common sense for better holistic health and lots more fun.


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