How to Get More by Blessing More with Universal Law

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Bless Often.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Yes, count your blessings and bless that which you want to possess and manifest. Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder of giving thanks. When you give thanks, you grease the pathway to more abundance for yourself.

Since you cannot trump universal laws, it is best to work with them. The blessings law is easy and fun to practice and improve. How often do you curse something instead of blessing it? When you curse, you grease the pathway to deprivation.

Cursing means you find fault with someone, criticize an object, or judge yourself as inferior. In a nutshell, you curse something or someone every time you judge something or someone. The law works so that whatever you give energy to increases.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of blessings to make up for a few curses. So watch what you do, be careful. One thing I tend to curse is development and concrete. Philadelphia is booming once again with rapid development, high rises, and more concrete poured on my beloved grass and trees. It is so hard for me to bless concrete. It really is.

However, without concrete there would be no swimming pool for me to swim in! Or, bridges to cross the river so I can eat Indian food and walk in nature on the beautiful University of Pennsylvania campus. Concrete keeps the city free of flying dirt. Concrete is symbolic of connection, strength, and endurance.

My Thanksgiving blessing: Bless you, oh, magnificent concrete, I love you and what you do. Bless you so I become more like you — connected, stronger, and endurant.

You could spend a lot of time this Thanksgiving being grateful for all the wonderful things you already possess. Count your blessings and write them down on a piece of paper. This will grease your pathway to more abundance.

Then take your blessings out on a walk. Bless everything in sight that you want more of. Blessings work. For example, bless every time you see two people getting along with each other to help you get along better with others.

Let me know what happens when you practice the blessings law. I must give credit to my teacher. I am grateful my mother blessed me and taught me how to bless. Bless you for reading The Vibrant Moment.


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