How to Experience Heaven on Earth

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Slow Down and Savor.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher

My 10 commandments are quite different from the ones I learned in the
tiny country church where I was instructed on the Right Thing to do based
on the One authority that had all the answers—the Bible. I benefit
from many of the wise lessons in the Bible as well as all the other points
of view in the world.

Here is my alternative, holistic psychology commandment: “Thy shalt
not rush.”

So many people rush through life looking for “the vibrant moment.”
They long for a peak experience, a new “high” and a wondrous moment
of joy. From drugs, to traveling, to staying busy; alas, they do not,
cannot find true happiness anywhere. Indeed, I do my share of looking
for the peak in trees: from fantastically seeking the peak of the red
trees in Vermont, like a mad woman in a rental car, to searching for
the peak cherry blooms in Philadelphia. I miss the moment.

This year, I just missed the glorious peak on the River Drive, bummer.
And, the peak in the Japanese Garden, terrible. And, due to weather
and a scheduled massage, it appears that I will miss the peak in my
Cherry Grove in Fairmount Park. So, taking myself to task, practicing
what I know— I let go of control and relaxed last night.

Boom, vibrant moments are all around me. I had a great night’s sleep,
yummy. I woke up early and am enjoying each moment as I move through
space and write my newsletter to you, my beloved readers. Thank you for
reading me, some of you, for many years. I turn 75 tomorrow and am
grateful I have enjoyed so many vibrant moments through out my life.

Bless you. The more you slow down and savor the moment you are living
in, the more vibrant moments you will have. Rush not through your life
looking for something. You will not be fulfilled. You enjoy the feeling
of being in “heaven on earth” when you stop looking outside yourself.
What you are doing in the moment, washing the dishes, is where you
find true happiness.

Letting go of control and relaxing your physical body is the key.
Become like melted butter becoming one with gravity and the cosmos.
Boom, you enter the giant flow of energy that feels wonderful, whole
and delicious.


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