How to Use Your Intuition by Slowing Down

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Use Your Intuition.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Last week I gave you a working definition of intuition and explained the importance of tuning out anxiety so you can tune into your clear, intuitive voice. Read it here if you missed it:

A famous psychologist, Milton Erickson and his wife had an effective way of finding lost objects such as their keys. They sat down and tuned into their intuition to discover where their body put the keys. After all, your body knows where you put the keys even if your brain does not remember.

Really get what this means. Yes, your body knows and you cannot remember. Your body knows. This is the reason all my products, courses, and workshops help you get into your body and live in your body. Feeling your body is the only way to access the valuable information that your body knows that you do not.

The benefits of developing your intuition and using it in your daily life are endless. Credit card companies have a category called lost in the house. Sometimes I have been successful finding my credit card with the Ericksons’ approach so I do not have to call the lost in the house department. Just imagine how helpful it would be if you were able to know, instead of deduct, reality.

Would you like to improve your holistic health? Some medical intuitives are as accurate as an MRI. In addition, medical intuitives can see problems in areas where no medical test currently exists. Your body knows what is going on, within and without, its borders. Don’t think for a minute that it does not!

What kind of relationship do you have with your body? Your body does not lie, confuse you, or manipulate you. You can learn how to hear what your body is saying. Your body knows you much better than any outside person or test. My body even remembers where I put my credit card when I do not! What is there not to love, trust, and use?

The bottom-line is you have probably already used your intuition much more than you admit to yourself. Consider those wonderful moments when everything seems to go your way. The parking space that you need is there. The door opens and you walk through with ease.

Yes, your intuition gives you what you desire. So, sit down and give your intuition more conscious attention. The next time you lose something, take it for a test drive. However, do not expect your intuition to be perfect anymore than any other way of knowing. You are human.

Do not let your mistakes and imperfections stop you from learning how to develop and trust the information you receive. Just know that the answer you receive may or may not be truth. Let the information move and do not try to control reality.


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