Metaphysical Law: Bless What You Want and Need to Manifest Goal.

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Bless Your Heart.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


My mother signed every card she sent me with “Bless you.” Sometimes, it was even “God bless you.” As a young psychologist, I did not like her religious tones and words. I threw her blessings into the trash in my Center City, Philadelphia home with irritation and disapproval.

As an older, wiser, holistic psychologist I write “Bless you.” and “Bless your heart” at the end of some of my emails. My 86-year-old mother has heard me say many times to her in the last decade, “Thank you mother for blessing me all those years. It finally paid off!”

“Mother, I am so grateful for your blessings. You are so smart. How did you know blessing me was the thing to do?” Mother gently replies, “I don’t know, I just knew to bless you and all that I love.”

Indeed. How wise my mother was and is. She still blesses me in each phone call and encounter we have. It is one of the many things I will miss when she passes. Her ever presence love and blessings will be sorely missed.

Huna psychology from Hawaii also teaches the power of blessing. Whatever you bless increases. This increase occurs because you give positive energy to that which you bless. There may be some other metaphysics magic that occurs that I do not know about, but I know for sure blessing something empowers me and that which I bless.

Try it yourself. If you want more money, bless those that are rich. Bless money in any and all forms. Bless paper money, real estate, stocks, and gold. Bless money to get more money. Notice if you judge and curse the rich. Cursing simply means that good old fashion disapproval I blasted upon my mother’s blessings.

I used to also curse money and the rich. My disapproval of money blocked me from having a good relationship with money. Finally, after years of rejecting money, I am close and loving with money. What a shift and what a joy to be in harmony with money!

Bless anything you want to receive. Bless healthy people to become healthy. Bless loving couples to become more loving. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to remind you to use the power of blessing. Bless all that you love and want.

Start by blessing the Native American people for giving life and food to white man when he landed upon their shores.


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