The Power of Thank You, A Natural Law and Universal Truth

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Thank the Universe.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Holistic Psychology Mentor, Coach


Sometimes, I ask for directions on the street. After, I get the answer, I have been known to walk away without thanking the person. Sometimes, I ask the universe to send me something I need. After, I get what I need, I do not always remember to thank the universe for sending me what I need.

The universe does respond to what you need if you ask and stay open to receiving what you need. Recently, I needed a person to hold me accountable for working on the final stages of my book manuscript. I could not think of anyone who was perfect.

Unexpectedly, while catching up with an old friend of mine … she became the person I needed to help me. We have always encouraged each other’s creativity. She is an artist who needed help getting around to her drawing each week. Bingo!

Perfect! Win-win. I am holding her accountable for drawing each week while she holds me accountable for working on my manuscript. Ok, so I got what I needed. Now what?

Have I thanked the universe? No, not yet and I better! If you do NOT thank the universe for sending you what you need, it will not send you anything else! I discovered this during my early professional years of being very successful and then wondering what happened to my success!

If you want success to continue, thank the universe for your success. Take some time each day during this Thanksgiving week, to give thanks for all that you have. Be grateful and give thanks.

Thank your reliable mailman. Thank the UPS woman who knows your schedule and where you are so well she makes sure you get your package. Thank your family and friends.

Notice how you feel when you give thanks. Notice the results you get when you thank the universe for all that you have. Notice how the universe engages with you.

Thank you for reading The Vibrant Moment. Thank you for giving me feedback. Thank you for telling me the topics you are interested in. Happy giving of thanks.


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