How to Feel Real Fear and Keep Safe

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Look Inward.
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Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Transformational Coach, Mentor


“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.” These words
from the musical “The King and I” are playing though my mind. Long
ago, the Greek temples encouraged people to look inward with the
words “Know Thyself.” Perhaps getting to know who you really are and
letting others get closer to you will produce positive results that
occur from our current scary world reality. 

You are being forced to slow down. You could distract yourself or you 
could look inward. Becoming more intimate with yourself and with 
others will empower you and make you stronger. You will face
your real fears and reduce your irrational anxieties. Then, you will
increase your ability to relax and become more comfortable in your 
body on the blue planet and soar! 

With so many real fears and irrational anxieties around us, we need
all the help we can get. One of the most important scientific,
energetic facts you need to know is the difference between real fear,
panic and denial. If you do not know this information, you do not
possess the means to take good care of yourself. You will over or
under react to real fears and put yourself in danger.

Naturally, you will sometimes panic; you will be secure and you will
deny. This is normal. However, you must have the ability to come back
to center so you are feeling your real fears without panic or denial.
If you need help in knowing the difference in the energy between
these important states, study and use the Overcome Anxiety Naturally
home study course that includes the Opening the Heart audio. To know
how to take care of yourself, you must take one step at a time
through the real fears until you reach the place where you are not

As you make your way through the real fears, you need to look inward
to your innate strengths and look outward to the love that is always
all around you. Your inner strengths are always there. You need to
trust them, feel, and use them. They help you succeed. Love is always
there. Most of the time you block this powerful energy out and do not
receive it. Or trust it. Or feel it. 

Right now, you need to know that you are loved and feel loving energy 
to help you get through these rough times. Reach out to all the love
around you and receive it in your heart. Love will charge you, your 
body and energy field with strong, radiate energy.

When your authentic self is in charge, you feel love coming and going 
between you and others. When you love and accept yourself as you 
really are, you feel good. When your ego is in charge, you do not feel 
love coming and going between you and your world. When you 
disapprove of yourself or others, you feel bad.

Love yourself as you are. You are not perfect, you make mistakes. Let 
go of control and allow what you need to come to you. Ask for help 
as needed. When you are sincere and modest, the cosmos and other 
human beings are there to help you.  

You know you are in the flow when you get what you want and need
without effort. 


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