How to Open Your Heart and Follow Your Bliss


The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Be Present.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher


Do you know the difference between your super responsible ego energy
that is dictated by the “shoulds” your brain insists you must do AND
the glow of warmth living in your heart that calls out to you to
follow and express?

Many people have the belief that when they grow up they must be
responsible by being polite, good and right. This kind of
responsibility is heavy on your shoulders and does not lead to
vibrant moments. Ego energy is flat, heavy, rigid and makes you
anxious and insecure.

Even though my clients learn that it is their ego that makes them
anxious, they are afraid of letting go of their Perfect Selves. They
are sure they will be out of control and do the wrong thing if they
relax and stop taking care of others. Are you afraid of letting go of
control? Do you think you need your super responsible ego energy to
make you do the right thing?

If you want to experience freedom, joy and vibrant moments, you need
to challenge this false belief everyday. Even though I know my
defensive ego, Dr. Tight-ass, is what makes me unhappy, anxious and
helpless, I sometimes get fooled by her loud, bully voice in my head.
Every morning when I wake up I explore what is in my consciousness.
Shifting out of any ego energy hanging around me into my real
feelings immediately improves the knot in my stomach.

In the real, physical world you can trust your heart. Your heart is
tender, loving and kind. Its energy is like the sun, it radiates
energy outward and makes you strong, secure and sturdy. Your heart is
amazingly wise because it is connected to your body, Mother Earth and
the Cosmos. When you follow your heart, it leads you to freedom, joy
and a responsibility that is far more effective than that of your

Your heart does not blame, like your brain. When you follow your ego
you blame yourself and others. When you follow your heart you are
responsible for what you are experiencing. Compassion pours out of
you toward people and things. You do not deliver harsh judgments to
yourself or others. You stand in the batter’s box and show up —no
matter what.

With an open heart, you live in reality, instead of your thoughts
about reality. What this means is that you are aware of your body,
earth and cosmos as real energies that you interact with. When you
are in your thoughts, beliefs and ego, your body awareness is absent.
Use your body awareness was a reliable test to know if your ego is
present or not!

With an open heart and body awareness you accept and adjust to what
exists. You do not have expectations of how things should be. You
dive into your unconscious and come up with yucky stuff to transform.
No matter what society judges you about, the amount of
self-confidence you gain from living with an open heart is profoundly

The bottomline is that the more you avoid letting go of your
controlling ego, the more you experience helplessness, anxiety and
victimhood. So, step up to the plate and get ready to hit the ball.
It does not matter if you hit a home run or strike out, either is
just fine. You did your best. Whatever you do is good enough when
your heart is in charge.

Love yourself as you are right now in this moment. Reap the rewards
of being physically strong, relaxed and self-confident by putting
your heart in charge. The next time you feel down in the dumps, let
go of your defensive ego energy and see what happens. Email me your
results. I love to get feedback about your explorations of becoming
more self-aware.

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