How to Improve Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Seek Love Energy.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher


Do you run toward genuine love or away from it?

Here is a helpful question I learned to ask my clients during my
supervision with Dr. Joe Wolpe. “Tell me three things you like about
yourself.” Take time now to answer this question for yourself. Write
your answers down on a piece of paper and notice how you feel. Was it
easy or hard to come up with three things about you that you consider
worthy of loving?

I love my highly sensitive nature. After years of rejecting my
ability to feel the “pea underneath all the mattresses,” I love the
fact that I feel physical vibrations before many others can feel
them. My highly sensitive nature is helpful, cool, wondrous and
worthy of being loved. I no longer feel sorry for myself that I feel
“everything.” Instead, I reap the benefits of being more relaxed and

Love energy not only feels good to you, it also makes you physically
stronger. This divine energy creates a physical body that is
healthier because of its radiant energy. Vital energy improves the
health of your cells and radiates outward off your body into the
space around you. Others can see, hear, taste, smell and feel your
glow because it is palpable. It is this whole body physical state
that gives you a vibrant moment which is a heavenly body experience
on the earth plane.

If it was not easy for you to name three things you love about
yourself, use your intention to become more self-accepting of your
true nature. It may take a few years to honestly accept some parts of
yourself that you find fault with now, but any effort you put into
improving your self-esteem is worth the effort. If you find yourself
running away from love and hiding in your ego energy, I encourage you
to be brave.

In order to receive love you must consciously and deliberately remove
your mental judgments against yourself and others. Judgments are
expressed as thoughts. Humans create thoughts and suffer because of them.
For good mental health, we need to live in physical reality instead of our
mental thoughts. Do not hesitate to invest in yourself to become braver
and more assertive.

The rewards of more love energy in your physical body are great. As
we age, we need strong, healthy energy even more than we did before!
Ain’t that the truth?

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Breathing? Breathe to Be Alive

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Breathe and Feel
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Transformational Coach, Mentor


Take a deep breath. Hold it. Then let go of your breath and feel what
is real. Do this right now. Seriously. Your breath is a power tool that
you can use anytime, anywhere to become stronger, happier and more
self-confident. Use it. Make yourself take a deep breath no matter what
is worrying you or making you feel bad.

Breathing is a cheap medicine that works. Take a deep breath, let go
and feel what your body feels like. Feel what your genuine emotions
are. Keep breathing, letting go and feeling. Users of the “Opening
the Heart” audio know that my motto on the audio is “breathe and
feel.” I am relearning this amazingly effective lesson right this

Yes, no matter what you know, you often need to be reminded of what
you know. This is true of learned education as well as your inner
knowings. This week I worked with a new energy healing teacher who
said to me, “Breathe and feel.” I was shocked to hear those words
come out of someone else’s mouth! Breathe and feel was exactly what
I needed to hear and do.

You are a teacher and student at different times about different
things. As a teacher, you teach what you need to know. Then boom, a
life lesson brings you down to your knees. When this happens, you are
reminded that receptivity is essential for holistic health. So, I am
reminding myself and you of how important it is to receive, receive,
receive. Be like a cup and receive the energy of the cosmos. Use the
cup imagery in your creative meditation every day for a week and let
me know what happens.

If you want more vibrant moments in your life, breathe and feel.
Become a conscious breather. Every hour on the hour, notice. “Am I
breathing?” Sit in silence and breathe. Become aware of what is going
on in your body. Be body-ful. What colorful emotions are hanging out
around you? What color do you need to feel better?

Enjoy becoming more alive.


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