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The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Look Up.
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Dr. Doris Jeanette, Body-Emotions-Energy Teacher
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How often do you take the time to look up? At the sky? Clouds?
Buildings? Others?

I was walking in a beautiful scene of nature. As I was returning to my
abode, I looked up at the blue sky above me. Three eagles were flying
around and around above me as they rode the wind currents of the
moment. We were one, together in the whole. Wow, a vibrant moment
of being alive in the cosmos. Eagles are the highest flying of all birds.
If I had not looked up at that moment, I would not have seen and
experienced this rich moment of being alive.

Is your head stuck in a computer, book, phone or tv? Imagine how it
would feel to make genuine, long, heart-felt eye contact with those
you live with? Or talk on zoom with. Or your physical surroundings? I
often recommend looking inward to get to know yourself. It is equally
important to look up at what is high in the sky and to take in the
physical space around you with your senses.

When you are not experiencing vibrant moments, the culprit is anxiety.
Anxiety interferes with the quality of life so much so that you may
not even notice you are lacking joy and passion. Do not let your
anxiety push you too fast or slow you down too much. Enjoy the lovely
scenery around you. When time is rushing it is easy to rush with it.
Best not to let time or anyone else make you move faster than your
natural rhythm of energy.

This morning, I paused and drank my glass of water. I paused again
and looked outdoors at the sunlight. Pauses help. Taking deep breaths
help. Give yourself the luxury and gift of pausing and breathing so
you are in the magical moment more often. Allow yourself to fully
experience whatever it is you are doing. Washing the dishes is just
as full of vibrant moments, joy and happiness as any other moment.

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Breathing? Breathe to Be Alive

The Vibrant Moment – Remember: Breathe and Feel
Tools from the Center for New Psychology
Publisher: Doris Jeanette, Transformational Coach, Mentor
Visit: http://www.drjeanette.com


Take a deep breath. Hold it. Then let go of your breath and feel what
is real. Do this right now. Seriously. Your breath is a power tool that
you can use anytime, anywhere to become stronger, happier and more
self-confident. Use it. Make yourself take a deep breath no matter what
is worrying you or making you feel bad.

Breathing is a cheap medicine that works. Take a deep breath, let go
and feel what your body feels like. Feel what your genuine emotions
are. Keep breathing, letting go and feeling. Users of the “Opening
the Heart” audio know that my motto on the audio is “breathe and
feel.” I am relearning this amazingly effective lesson right this

Yes, no matter what you know, you often need to be reminded of what
you know. This is true of learned education as well as your inner
knowings. This week I worked with a new energy healing teacher who
said to me, “Breathe and feel.” I was shocked to hear those words
come out of someone else’s mouth! Breathe and feel was exactly what
I needed to hear and do.

You are a teacher and student at different times about different
things. As a teacher, you teach what you need to know. Then boom, a
life lesson brings you down to your knees. When this happens, you are
reminded that receptivity is essential for holistic health. So, I am
reminding myself and you of how important it is to receive, receive,
receive. Be like a cup and receive the energy of the cosmos. Use the
cup imagery in your creative meditation every day for a week and let
me know what happens.

If you want more vibrant moments in your life, breathe and feel.
Become a conscious breather. Every hour on the hour, notice. “Am I
breathing?” Sit in silence and breathe. Become aware of what is going
on in your body. Be body-ful. What colorful emotions are hanging out
around you? What color do you need to feel better?

Enjoy becoming more alive.


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